6Metre sailing at Clapham on the 18th December.

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The wind was perfect for 6M racing with four skippers taking part, although Mark was sailing with his RG65.
Results as follows-,
Race 1. Leslie, Grant, Mark, Richard
Race 2. Grant, Leslie, Hugh(RG65), Richard
Race 3. Leslie, Grant, Richard, Mark
Race 4. Leslie, Grant, Richard
Race 5. Grant, Leslie, Richard
Race 6. Grant, Leslie, Richard
Race 7. Leslie, Grant
A good day,s racing proving again that “chequebook” yachts don,t always win!!!!
Report provided by Grant.

Sailing Solings at Clapham on the 11th December.

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I was not at Clapham myself on Sunday but I have had a report from Chris which tells what went on. The report is lengthy so I have taken the liberty of doing a bit of editing.
“Racing did not start untill about midday on rather a blustery day. We sailed the standard “Olympic” course but, owing to a very odd dead spot in the middle of the pond, the best route to the windward mark appeared to be via the South Circular! Following the gibe mark the leg started quietly but as one approached the leeward mark mayhem would break loose with boats barely under control (and mine not at all on one occasion) as they attempted to round the mark to head off to windward for the second time.
Eight members turned up to race. Jim V started well with two firsts using Chris,s boat but was brought down to earth following a switch to Grant,s boat. Ted suffered from battery problems for most of the meeting, Richard also had a tough time, his boat is however an enviable bright orange which, fortunately, shows up well as it sinks from view. Another busted keel, but our Jim,ll fix it!
To be fair, the conditions around the pond were very variable and tough on equipment and skippers alike.
I had intended that we draw lots for boats prior to each race but, in the conditions which prevailed, I felt that if we did this we would spend more time adjusting and mending equipment than actually racing, so while Jim V, me(Chris), Grant and Leslie swapped around and shared the admin role, the others stuck to their own boats which meant that, overall, Jim R won as usual!
Race results were as follows-;
Race 1. Jim V, Jim R
Race 2. Jim V, Jim R, Leslie
Race 3. Chris, Jim R, Grant
Race 4. Jim R, Chris, John
Race 5. Jim R, John
Race 6. Jim R, John, Ted
Report ends.”
It does seem that the Soling races do bring good support, and that more of them would be well received. It also seems to show that a change in leadership has brought new life into the Club, something I hoped would be the case when chose to step down from office. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 4th December.

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As I am no longer taking such an active role in the Club,s affairs it will be neccessary to arrange for some other Club member to have authority to post “blogs”. It might also be neccessary to arrange for someone new to have authority to change/amend the Club web site. I hope to be in touch Graham Snook about this matter.
In the meantime I am happy to continue the posts, and Hugh Hugh has kindly agreed to supply the race reports, as he has been doing. Hugh,s report on last Sundays race is as follows-,
Chilly south west wind force 3 with stronger gusts. Cloudy with showers starting when we packed up.
Note that Mark was sailing his new class of boat, the RG65, small, but beautifully formed.
Race 1. Grant, Chris, John
Race 2. John, Chris, Mark
Race 3. Leslie, John, Chris
Race 4. Leslie, Mark, John
Race 5. Leslie, John, Grant
Race 6. Leslie, John, Mark
Race 7. John/Leslie, tied for first place, Mark, Chris
Race 8. John, Leslie, Mark

Seems there was a good mix of winners, long may it continue. Derek.

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