6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 16th September.

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A breezy day at Claphamwith some heavy gusts at times. A good fleet with most skippers having one or more wins.
Results as follows-,
Race 1. Hugh, Grant, John
Race 2. Hugh, Chris, John
Race 3. Hugh, Chris, John
Race 4. Jim, Ted, Chris
Race 5. Jim, Chris, Hugh
Race 6. Ted, John, Chris
Race 7. Chris, Hugh, John
Race 8. Hugh, Ted, John
Race 9. Hugh, Chris, John
Race 10. Hugh, Ted, John
Race 11. Ted, Hugh, Grant
Race 12. Ted, Hugh, Grant
We did have a Soling race on the 9th September and there was a good crowd. Mark acted as OOD and kept us at it and we got a goodly number of races in, I thought he was going to Email me the results but I have not received one. I do not know who won or was placed as I was last in every race and gave up in disgust. Congratulations to those who did win.
There being five Sundays in September, the next scheduled 1M race will be on 7th October. If it is not too cold or wet I hope to see you all then. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 2nd September.

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1M sailing on an overcast day, but with a good sailing breeze. There was a good crowd of us and although we started late we got a lot of races in.
Chris was there early with John and the buoys were soon out. Chris then found that one of his bottle screws was missing (how do these screws unscrew themselves?) and was unable to sail but made up for it by being OOD for the day and running the races, which he did to great effect, one race following the other without pause resulting in a good total of races run.
We were pleased to see Alan turn up with Brenda, and also a visitor (David) from, I think, New Zealand who was a sailor back home. He was offerred a boat and had a couple of races with us.
We broke for lunch about 1.30 after race 11 and some of us continued after lunch for another four races.
Notices have appeared around the pond saying that the Long Pond is restricted to the sailing of model yachts and electric powered craft, the latter only allowed at restricted times. The use of I/C powered boats is banned at all times. This total ban on I/C craft went further than we had expected but assume that it is for environmental reasons, but it has not pleased everyone.
It was a good day with a good breeze and an OOD who kept us at it, the result being 15 races completed with an assortment of winners, although Ted had more than his fair share.
Results as follows-,
Race 1. John, Hugh, Derek
Race 2. Derek, John, Hugh
Race 3. Ted, Hugh, John
Race 4. Ted, John, David
Race 5. Hugh, Ted, Derek
Race 6. Ted, Hugh, Derek (John disqualified for a jump start)
Race 7. Ted, Jim, John
Race 8. Ted, Hugh, Jim
Race 9. Ted, Jim, John
Race 10. Ted, Jim, Derek
Race 11. Derek, Ted, John
Race 12. Ted, John, Derek
Race 13.John, Derek, Fred
Race 14. John, Richard, Derek
Race 15. John, Derek, Richard
A good day all round. The next meetings are for Solings on the 9th September and the 6M,s on the 16th. Hope to see you all there. Derek.

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