A welcome from our President, Derek Cross.

As President of the CMYC, one of the oldest model sailing clubs in the country, may I welcome you to our web site. In its pages I am sure you will find much of intrest, ranging from the Club history, to the types of boat we sail, how to build them, and how much they cost. The site will be regularly updated with news and information on coming events.
If you find it useful, please contact us via our E-Mail address. If you can suggest improvements, let us know. In any event I hope that you will enjoy it.

Derek Cross, President, CMYC


All text and images are © Graham Snook / Clapham Model Yacht Club unless otherwise stated


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  1. Hi everyone, the website looks really great. We really miss sailing at Clapham, especially after reading your stories and seeing the photos. You may have noticed that me and my two sons Hugo and Ollie had vanished without trace – we stopped sailing when the water level was so low last summer. Having fitted a full 1 metre keel to one of our yachts, it was impossible to sail. We also had a new mast and sails to try on the 1 metre we bought from Jack, but never go to try it. It was the same story with the latest K-bits arm winch – we were convinced with these goodies we would leave you all in our wake.

    In October 2005 I was asked to go to work in Nigeria for 4 years, so we left at short notice without being able to say a proper goodbye. We are living in Warri which is on the edge of the swamps in the Niger delta. There is a big creek close to the house which might have been OK for RC yachts, except you are eaten alive by mosquitoes most of the time and the boys are convinced they saw a croc. – we also get snakes and monkeys in the garden. Anyway the yachts are in storage in England. With this website I will enjoy following your activities from deepest africa – keep it up.

    Best Wishes,

    Robert, Hugo & Ollie Inglis

  2. Hello,

    I have just moved to Clapham North, and despite bringing down my RC Laser, I am looking to get involved with the club and getting my hands on a IOM. I thought i would start by asking some of the current members if they know of any second hand 1 metres currently for sale within the club.

    Hopefully see some of you pondside on the 19th.

    Many thanks,


  3. Hi, my name is Bennie and I live in Cradock South Africa. I managed to colle t two pond sail boats and would like to get some information about them. Any help you can provide would be a great help regards Bennie.

  4. Anyone wanting to race a Footy class yacht on Sunday Sept 27th 2015 at the District championship hosted at Clapham MYC then please use the online entry form at http://mya-uk.co.uk/events/ms-district-championship-cadenhead-trophy-footy/
    To borrow a yacht please reply here or respond to the email that I sent to the club mailing list.
    Hope to see you there.

  5. Hi, i have a RC motor boat that i usually run up in Norfolk and and ponds around the place. I have run it here at clapham before but never seen you guys. I will come along some time in Feb to see how you guys are doing. Maybe ill even be a safety boat for all you wind dogs 😉

  6. By the way i forgot to mention my motor boat isnt a speed sort it would struggle to do 3mph, its a scale container ship with bow thrusters and all

  7. Used to sail my model yacht here in the 50s until l fell in ( still have pictures in my head) looking for old postcards for sale of the pond, thank you

  8. […] The Long Pond, home to the Clapham Model Yacht Club. […]

  9. Much of my early childhood late 50s early 60s was spent here. My dad was Peter Michael COLLINS he built and raced his own boats and I believe the 1940’s version of 39 steps used model yachts in its opening sequence, those were my dad’s. Once ladies were allowed my mum also sailed for a while. All of my siblings subsequently joined the Royal Navy.

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