Sailing at Clapham on the 15th September.

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Conditions at the pond were brisk with wind force 3 and gusts up to force 5, mild and cloudy with some rain later.
Jim, with the able assistance of Richard and Fred, was able to find the cause of the interruption to the electricity supply to the Clubhouse. The fault had been caused by vandals wrecking a junction box which appears to have been temporarily repaired by the Council. Happily the supply is back on but this investigation meant that there was not much sailing done and what was done appears to have hectic. Fred had a go but found conditions such that his boat was overwhelmed in the strong gusts and collided with the bank, causing some damage.
Some racing did take place, Leslie, Ted and Hugh choosing to share two boats in a series of match races.
We also had a prospective member, Matt, who brought a 1 Metre he has restored and which he tried out, prudently, under middle rig.
Results as follows-;
Race 1. Ted, Leslie
Race 2. Leslie, Ted
Race 3. Leslie, Ted
Race 4. Hugh, Ted
Race 5. Leslie, Ted
Race 6. Leslie, Ted
Race 7. Ted, Leslie
I regret that I was not at the pond but I am still having eye problems and to all intents and purposes am blind in the left eye. I am hoping to get to Moorfields eye hospital in the near future and that they can do something to restore the sight, this problem will explain any typing errors that you may find. If I cannot get to pond before, I shall get to the AGM one way or another. Derek.

Racing at Clapham on the 1st September.

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A day of low water and problems. The only good things were a pleasant breeze and the warm sun.
The Electricity supply in the Clubhouse had failed, due to external circumstances we think and we are trying to get that put right, and the water was too low , due to evaporation we think, and so we had to sail the 6Metre with it,s shorter keel. Not a large crowd but there was quite a lot of sailing done as can be seen from the number of results. I am in correspondence with the Council over the other things.
Race 1. Leslie, John, Jim
Race 2. Leslie, Jim, John
Race 3. Jim, John, Hugh
Race 4. Jim, John, Leslie
Race 5. Jim, John, Ted
Race 6. Jim, John, Hugh
Race 7. Ted, Jim, Leslie
Race 8. Jim, John, Ted
Race 9. Ted, Jim, Hugh
Race 10. Leslie, Ted, John
Race 11. Ted, Leslie, John
Race 12. Leslie, Ted, John
We have had our article about the Club published in the local “Village” magazine and it makes pleasant reading. We have been given a copy and it will be available in the Clubhouse for those interested. Derek.

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