6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 17th March.

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Conditions on Sunday were reasonable with a Southerly wind force 2-3 with occasional light showers, chilly.
The usual crowd were there and a good number of races were run. Results as follows-;
Race 1. Mark, Grant, Jim
Race 2. Mark, Grant, Leslie
Race 3. Jim, Mark, John
Race 4. Mark, Jim, Grant
Race 5. Mark, Grant, Jim
Race 6. Mark, Leslie, Grant
Race 7. Mark, Jim, Grant
Race 8. Mark, Grant, Jim
Race 9. Mark, Jim, Grant
Race 10. Mark, Jim, Grant
Race 11. Mark, Leslie, Grant
Race 12. Mark, Jim, Grant
Looks like Mark was having a purple patch, What boat was he sailing?, whatever it was I,ll have some of that!.
Hope to see you all soon. Derek.

1 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 3rd March.

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The conditions were cloudy and chilly with a South East wind force 2-3. Not much else to say apart from giving the results, as follows-:
Race 1. Odd, Ted, John
Race 2. Leslie, Ted. John
Race 3. Ted, Hugh, John
Race 4. Jim, Ted, John
Race 5.Jim , Leslie, Ted
Race 6. John, Jim, Ted
Race 7. Leslie, John, Odd
Race 8. John, Ted, Odd
Race 9. Leslie, Ted, Odd
Race 9. Leslie, Ted, Odd
Race 10. Leslie, Ted, Odd
Race 11. John, Hugh, Odd
Race 12. Ted, Leslie, Odd
The weather is warming up so I hope to see you all soon. Derek.

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