Solings collected

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All seven Solings have been collected, and will be at the club on Sunday. If anyone is interested in seeing the Soling Kit feel free to join us on Sunday 4th and the long pond in Clapham (if you have an IOM bring it along as well). There you can see what the kits of our new chosen class look like, and the work needed to build the neat little boats. Only 4 of the hulls have been paid for including my own, so any outstanding money would be much appreciated by Graham.

If anyone who didn’t buy a Soling in the first order, and is now having second thoughts, you’d best get onto Graham Reeves and get you’re order in quickly, our boats should be on the water within the next few weeks.

If you would like any further radio gear or servos/winches, please let Graham know soon (preferably with money!) so he can put an order together.

Sad news

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I have to report the death of a former member of the Club, Ian Ross.

Longer serving members of the Club will remember Ian as an enthusiastic member of a few years ago. He was the owner of the 6m “Flipper”, now owned by another member of the Club.

Ian lived in Clapham for several years but had always wanted to move to the country. He eventually found a bungalow in Lincolnshire and moved there 2/3 years ago with his wife Norita. Ian still had a great interest in the Club and he and I spoke to each other over the telephone every few months so that I could keep him up to date with events. He became ill something over a year ago with a complaint that to my knowledge was never properly diagnosed. He slowly went downhill until he ceased to answer my telephone calls and I kept in touch by Christmas cards and by sending him printouts of our Club website, and updating that with copies of our “blog” pages. I was on the point of sending him our latest pages with news of the Soling project. Sadly he died on the 23rd February before I could send it off.

Ian will be cremated in London, at the Streatham Vale Crematoriam on Monday, 5th March at 11am. I intend to be there on behalf of the Club.  If any other member could be there to join me, that would be nice.  Derek.

More news on lead shot

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Further to my last “blog” I have now bought 22Kgs of lead shot. I do have one container of No.9 shot and two containers of No. 8. The differerence in size is minimal and the next delivery will be more expensive so I thought I would buy at the cheaper price.

I will bring the bags of shot to the Club on Sunday 4th March, so have your money ready! I hope that six and one quarter pounds will cost you £7.50. Cheers, Derek. 

18th Feb – 6M and latest Soling news

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Another day of light racing fell upon the members of Clapham on Sunday. The wind was fickle and very light, but there were a number of extremely close finishes over the day. What breeze there was mostly came from the north east, meaning a down wind start. Luckily with such a light breeze, it was almost always incident free, although sailing in a fading breeze meant staying close to the line, with long run ups a thing of the past.

Tactics and luck played their part, boats that were left behind at the start had the opportunity to catch up, and those that were ahead couldn’t relax until they crossed the line. First win of the day went to Derek, who pipped Graham to the line, only for Graham to win the next few races. Ted interrupted Graham’s winning streak Continue Reading 18th Feb – 6M and latest Soling news…

Soling Project. Lead shot

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Now that the Soling project is getting under way I have been searching around for supplies of lead shot. Talking to one gun shop it appears that the price of lead is going through the roof, apparently the Chinese are buying up all the available supplies and consequently home prices are increasing month by month.

I had a quote from a local shop a month ago of approximately £17 for a 7.5 Kg bag, he said he could not be sure of the price untill a supply came in. I have been phoning round again this week and have had quotes rangeing from £23.50 to £25 for 7Kgs, so getting back to my local shop I find his price has gone up but is still cheaper at £18.95 for 7.5 Kgs. I have provisionally ordered Continue Reading Soling Project. Lead shot…

4th Feb – IOM

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What the weather lacked in wind it made up for it with sunshine, and it was very sunny! Today’s sailing was in light to non-existent breeze, so it was a case of slacken everything off and hope for the best.

There was some doubt whether there would be enough breeze to sail, the overcast weather from the morning vanishing to leave us blessed with sunshine too rarely see in February. Unfortunately Derek had technical trouble with his Triple Crown, so the club boat was dusted off and launched. This might be a good time to mention that the club boat is available to anyone, just contact the secretary during the week before the 1st Sunday of the month – through the “contact us” page – and we’ll have it ready for you is you wish to join us.

So with little to no breeze, 6 boats lined up Continue Reading 4th Feb – IOM…

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