6 metre

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9 January 2020 – 3rd Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Cold, sunny. Wind generally north west force 1 to 3.

Those racing from time to time were Leslie, Hugh, Odd and Jim.Wind was light and in the lulls boats were barely moving, sometimes becalmed while others were in wind. Sometimes this element of luck determined the outcome. Nevertheless, the racing was absorbing, 10 races were completed altogether.


Race 1: Odd Leslie, Hugh

Race 2: Hugh, Leslie, Odd

Race 3: Odd, Leslie, Hugh

Race 4: Leslie, Odd, Hugh

Race 5: Jim, Odd, Leslie

Race 6: Odd, Hugh, Leslie

Race 7: Hugh, Leslie, Jim

Race 8: Odd, Jim, Leslie

Race 9: Odd, Hugh, Leslie

Race 10: jim,leslie,hugh

See you at next One Metre Day 2 February 2020, Hugh

1 metre

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Sunday 5 January 2020 – One Metre Day


Cold, cloudy, wind force 4 to 5 generally south-westerly.

Those racing from time to time were: Grant, Hugh, Leslie and Jim.

We raced under full rig, but boats were overpowered, hove down onto beams ends at times, and if there was any lack of waterproofing at deck level, taking on water. Hugh had to drain his boat after every race. Grant had to give up sailing his leaky Mallard class, and instead sail his home built Triple Crown which was very dry. Overpowering led to lack of control at times, stalling when trying to tack, or failing to gybe when bows got buried.

However, it all made for stimulating racing, and eight races were completed.


Race 1: Hugh, Grant

Race 2: Leslie, Hugh

Race 3: Leslie, Hugh, Grant

Race 4: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Race 5: Jim, Leslie, Hugh

Race 6: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Race 7: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Race 8: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Next event is the Six Metre Race on Sunday 19 January, see you then, Hugh

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