Sailing at Clapham on the 16th January.

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Again I am indebted to Hugh for sending me a report as, again, I was not there myself.
I quote verbatim.
Six Metre Day. A blustery South West wind force 3 to 4, swinging through 30 degrees in the gusts. Conditions were testing for full rig we all carried, with consequent gear failures. Nevertheless it was exciting sailing, if difficult to keep control at times.

Following results list all those who raced.
Race 1. Hugh, Ted, Grant
Race 2. Hugh, Ted, John T, Grant
Race 3. Hugh, Ted, Jonhn T, Grant
Race 4. Ted, Hugh, John T, Grant
race 5. Hugh, Ted, John T

Report ends.

Hugh did tell me that Jim R was there, but did not sail as he had had an accident on his bicycle on his way to the pond. He was not badly injured thank goodnes, just a few bumps and bruises. I have telephoned him today and spoken to him and thank goodness he is O.K. Regards, Derek.

Sailing on the 2nd January at Clapham.

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Welcome to the new year. The Club continues to sail all year round and we started the year on the 2nd of January. I was not there in person but Hugh has kindly provided a report which I quote verbatim.
One Metre day. Chilly with light northerly wind. Usual course. Reaching start to first mark, then gybe onto broad reach for wing mark, beating back to buoy by clubhouse. This leg was tricky, wind shifting and dropping in the lee of the Clubhouse. Final sausage was reach both ways.
Jim had radio failure after starting and retired. The following results list all those who raced.
Race 1. John T, Leslie, Ted, Grant
Race 2. John T, Ted, Leslie, Grant
race 3. Ted, Leslie, John T, Grant
Race 4. Hugh, John T, Grant
Race 5. Leslie, John T, Grant

Report ends. Derek.

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