Sailing at Clapham on 21st October

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Another beautiful day at Clapham, well as regards sunshine anyway, as regards wind it was not so good. Only four of us turned up, but one of those was Jim Vice who had come to sail his new “bottle boat” which had been presented to him in recognition of his long service for the MYA. Appropriately it had been named  “SIR VICE”, a lovely play on words.

After a bit there was a small breeze and we took the opportunity to sail the Solings as it was thought the breeze was too light to move the 6Metres. Racing was leisurely to say the least, but enjoyable nevertheless. By some strange fluke, Derek won the few races we were able to complete, a rare occurance. Ted was usually second, Allan and Jim, who was struggling a bit with his first experience of the Soling, shared the other places. With the breeze being so light we took our lunch break early, hoping that the breeze might pick up later but that did not happen so we gave up racing for the day early.

Some of you will have recieved copy Emails saying that the Club has been asked if it will host the Soling Nationals in 2008. Thanks to Rob Vice, who has offered to run the event for us, it looks as though we will be doing that. I feel that this is a great honour for the Club, although a cynic might say that as there were only 8 entries for the 2007 event and that our Club has that same number of boats built, or building, we were the logical choice. In any event Clapham, who won the event in 2007 with Mark Dicks, will stand a very good chance of winning it again in 2008, by which time we should all have had a great deal more experience in sailing and tuning the boats.

The time for the 2007 Annual General Meeting is upon us and I have set the date as the 25th November and propose a starting time of 11am. I will circulate a letter to all members nearer the date confirming this. I remind all members that the post of Chairman is becoming vacant, I am sure that you must all be getting fed up with me pontificating on matters large and small, and so I will welcome any nominations for the post. If there are any nominations for the post of Treasurer those also will be welcome. It is hoped that we will be able to discuss the 2008 Soling Nationals, and what sort of help Rob might require to make it a successful event. Do make an effort to be there on the 25th. Derek.     

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