Sailing at Clapham on the 17th May

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17 May 2015 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day


Mild, cloudy, wind Westerly force 3 to 4.

17 May 2015 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day


Mild, cloudy, wind Westerly force 3 to 4.

Those racing included: Odd, Grant, Hugh, Leslie, Jim and John, Richard was painting the clubhouse, and should be considered to have earned honours equivalent to first place in all races.

Odd was racing a Six Metre for the first time, but encountered teething problems with sheets periodically coming off his sail winch. Sailing conditions were affected by large marquees to the northwest of the pond, introducing wind shadows and degree of variability in wind direction. Sailors were intensely absorbed in the competition during the 11 races which were held.


Race 1: Hugh, Grant, Odd

Race 2: John, Grant, Jim

Race 3: Odd, John, Leslie

Race 4: John, Jim, Hugh

Race 5: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 6: Jim, Grant, Leslie

Race 7: John, Leslie, Grant

Race 8: John, Hugh, Grant

Race 9: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 10: Leslie, Jim, Odd

Race 11: Jim, Hugh, John


Thanks Hugh. I see that Jim,s apprentice is coming on well !  Derek.

Racing at Clapham on the 10th May.

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soling race sunday  10/05/15

1 jim odd john

2 jim odd john

3 jim odd john

4 jim odd john

5 oddjim john

6 jim odd john

7 john jim odd

8 jim john odd

9 jim odd john

10 odd jim john

usual close racing  ted and richard also tried to sail but had problems with servos .wind force 2 to 3 lots of interest shown buy public boats lent and demonstrated .wednesday i and richard fixed felt roof leak and felted and treated weather boarding on club .a couple off jobs left to do to treat wood boarding in porch

yours jim

Thanks Jim, it is good to see the interest in Soling,s  is still there and that more members seem to be taking it up, but I do think you ought to give some-one else a chance of winning! although Odd is rapidly catching you up.   It is great to see that you are keeping up with your other career of property repair and maintenance, and not only that but you have taken on an apprentice!  Good to hear from you, Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 3rd May.

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3 May 2015 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day



Cloudy clearing later in the afternoon, mild, wind southwest force 2 – 4.


A good turnout of sailors, Odd, Jim, Leslie, John, Grant, Hugh and Ted.  Richard briefly sailed but had to leave because of family needs.


Richard had started sailing Graham Snook’s home built lightweight balsa Triple Crown with high quality Sails etc. mast and boom set and fittings. The lever winch system was demanding on power capacity in strong winds, but this had always been a competitive boat.


John had  rudder problems with his usual boat, so took over Graham’s Triple Crown. Grant started sailing his Mallard, which unfortunately has been liable to water ingress over the decks in strong winds. He then tried sailing his home built Triple Crown, which is not lightweight balsa construction, but had rig problems with this boat. Hugh borrowed Leslie’s boat for the few races he sailed.


A good day’s racing in which a home built Triple Crown was able to hold its own against newer designs.



Race 1: Leslie, Jim, Odd

Race 2: Odd, Leslie, Ted

Race 3: Leslie, Odd, Jim

Race 4: Odd, Ted, Leslie

Race 5: Odd, Leslie, Jim

Race 6: Odd, Leslie, John

Race 7: Odd, John, Hugh

Race 8: Odd, John, Hugh

Race 9: Odd, Leslie, John

Race 10: Leslie, John, Odd

Race 11: Odd, John, Leslie

Race 12: John, Hugh, Odd

Race 13: Leslie, Odd, Ted

Race 14: Odd, Leslie, Ted

Race 15: Odd, Hugh, Ted

Race 16: Hugh, Ted, Odd

Race 17: Ted, Leslie, John





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