Sailing on Sunday 18th May.

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Sunday 18 May – Six Metre Day




Warm and sunny, wind southwest backing southerly force 1 – 3.


Sailing from time to time were Leslie, Grant, John, Hugh, Ted and Richard.



Race 1: Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Leslie, John, Grant

Race 3: Grant, Hugh, John

Race 4: Leslie, John, Grant

Race 5: Ted, Grant, Richard

Race 6: Grant, Leslie, John

Race 7: Hugh, Ted, Richard

Race 8: Leslie, Grant, Richard

Race 9: Leslie, Ted, John

Race 10: Ted, Richard, John

Race 11: Leslie, John, Richard

Race 12: Hugh, John, Grant

Race 13: Ted, Leslie, John

Race 14: Leslie, John, Richard





One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 4th May.

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Sunday  4 May – One Metre Day



Cloudy with sunny spells, warming as the day wore on. Wind SW – SSW force 1-3.


A good turnout, 6 boats racing, 7 helms from time to time. Two potential new members showed interest, one who would build, another who would not have time to build but who would consider buying an inexpensive one metre. All in all a good days racing on a very pleasant day.



Race 1: Jim, Leslie, Matt

Race 2: Jim, Matt, Leslie

Race 3: Jim, Hugh, John

Race 4: Matt, Leslie, Jim

Race 5: Leslie, Matt, Odd

Race 6: Jim, Matt, Leslie

Race 7: Matt, Odd, Leslie

Race 8: Leslie, Matt, Jim

Race 9: Jim, Leslie, Odd


Jim was sailing a competitive one metre for a change, giving him a lot of wins, which he found boring. However he didn’t have it all his own way. Matt did well with his Bantock Red Wine. Others sailors are will plan to make racing more interesting for Jim if he continues to use a fast boat.



Many of you will know that I have had problems in getting to the pond these last few months and that I have been relying on Hugh to supply the notes on which to base the blogs I publish. I think it will still be some time before I get back to the pond and so it only seems fair that I give credit to Hugh, starting with this one.  If there should be some item which I think will be of interest, such as dates of the Vintage Group meetings, I will add my tuppence  worth but other than that I will leave it to Hugh, with my thanks. Derek.


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