16 September 2018 – Six Metre Day

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16 September 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Warm, sunny. Wind generally south westerly force 2 to 4.

Water level was still low, so Solings were raced, occasional groundings were experienced as well as boats getting snared on buoy lines. Those racing from time to time included: Grant, Jim, Leslie and John. Wind was shifting in direction and gusty at times. 10 races were completed altogether.

Race 1: Leslie, Grant
Race 2: Grant, Leslie
Race 3: Leslie, Grant
Race 4: Grant, Leslie
Race 5: Jim, Leslie, Grant
Race 6: Leslie, John
Race 7: Jim, Leslie
Race 8: Leslie, Jim
Race 9: Leslie, John, Jim
Race 10: John, Jim, Leslie

Next race day is scheduled for Sunday 7 October. See you then, Hugh.

Sunday 2 Sept 2018 – One Metre Day

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Sunday 2 Sept 2018 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day


Sunny and warm. Wind generally easterly force 1 to 2..

Water level

In spite of some recent rain the level remains very low. Although some mains water is being fed to the pond this does not increase the level. The bouts of rain experienced over the late summer has restored the surface moisture held in the turf which is now green, but the true ground water level remains very low.

Although One Metre Class was scheduled, we could only race Solings. This is likely to continue; hopefully more Solings can be brought back into commission to increase the numbers racing. We shared turns between the boats that were available.

Those racing from time to time included: Grant, Leslie and Ted. Hugh set his boat up for the conditions, and would have raced if circumstances had suited. Leslie began by using the boat, then we had a guest, Mark, who had come from Wales for the day. He was very interested in the radio controlled boats, had been a Kestrel dinghy sailor in his youth, but had given up in later years because of discomfort. He was lent the boat for a race, finishing second 3 lengths behind the first place boat. He was recommended to check the MYA website to find a nearby club.We had 5 races altogether, Ted’s boat then had a serious rig failure, which prevented further racing. The wind varied from almost becalmed to a light breeze, strength and direction varying in different parts of the pond, There were occasional groundings, and fouling of buoy ropes which were shallower than usual. However these accidents were shared out equally. The racing was enjoyed by all, including Hugh, who relaxed and kept the scores.


Race 1: Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Leslie, Grant

Race 3: Leslie, Ted

Race 4: Ted, Mark (guest)

Race 5: Leslie, Ted

Next scheduled race is Sunday 16 September, normally 6 Metre day, but likely also to be Solings, see you there, Hugh

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