15th Oct – 6M

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A good days racing Today. The day turned out fine sunny and warm with a blustery wind. It was a 6M day and five boats were sailing in conditions which varied from calm to exciting, where being in the right place at the right time made all the difference between winning and finishing further down the fleet. All skippers had chances and nearly every boat won at some time or other during the day. There was some close racing at times in exciting conditions and there was a greater than average number of spectators watching the fun. A good day.

As a separate item, the members had a chat in the Clubhouse during the lunch break about a possible project for club members. As you will know, at times the low water level  in the pond has been of concern and while we have usually been able to sail the 6m, many members have fitted shorter keels to their 1m boats in order to be able to sail that class.

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1st Oct – IOM

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Visit from the VMYG
This morning Clapham MYC were joined by the members of the Vintage Model Yacht Group, who came with their fine collection of model yachts from past times. As well as the free sailing vintage yachts Clapham MYC were racing their IOM fleet.
The conditions were moderate to gusty, with the water level still a bit low in places for full-length keels, but with all but one boat using the stubby keels, and Jack and Derek choosing to sail with a Number 2 rig racing was pretty fair. While the no.2 rig boats could point higher and remain in total control around the course, the 4 other boats with full rigs were over canvassed most of the way round, but this made for exhilarating downwind legs. The first win of the day went to Graham, the second race went to Jim, Hugh won the third race with his newly acquired Gadget with full rig and long keel, and the final race was taken by Graham. With rain starting to close in we broke for tea, during which the heavens opened with thunder, lightning and torrential rain causing the rest of the days racing to be cancelled.
Rain stops play

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