Racing at Clapham on the 17th January.

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This was to have been the second race of 2016 but as you will see from the brief report from Jim, it did not happen.

hello derek

racing cancelled sunday due to ice cover jim

Let us  hope the rest of January is warmer. Derek.

First racing at Clapham in 2016

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3 January 2016 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day



Cold – light rain – wind south southwest force 3-5


Those racing from time to time included: Leslie, Odd, Jim, John and Hugh. Grant and Richard were there but did not race.


6 races were completed in the rather challenging conditions.



Race 1: Leslie, Odd, John

Race 2: Leslie, Odd, John

Race 3: Leslie, Odd, Jim

Race 4: Leslie, Odd, Jim

Race 5: Odd, Leslie, Jim

Race 6: Odd, Leslie, John



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