18 November 2018 – Six Metre Day

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18 November 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Cool, sunny, wind north-easterly force 2 to 4, with occasional force 5 gusts.

Wind was very gusty, and was shifting in direction on the pond as it was deflected by the buildings across which it passed. The water level had increased by about 5 inches from the previous level on 4 November. Six Metres were therefore able to race.

Those racing from time to time were Leslie, Hugh and Jim. A visitor, Johnny, had dinghy experience in Cornwall before moving to Lambeth. As he was interested in model yacht racing, Jim lent him his boat, and after trying it out he took part in a race. John, Paul and Richard were also present. Leslie had brought a friend, Joel, who had a brief session at learning to sail, and also gave a hand bringing in the buoys after racing.

Conditions on the pond were quite tricky and boats were overpowered
at times during the gusts. There were rig failures at times, and first Leslie, then Hugh experienced these problems.

Race 1: Hugh, Leslie
Race 2: Hugh, Leslie
Race 3: Hugh, Leslie, Jim
Race 4: Leslie, Hugh, Jim
Race 5: Leslie, Jim
Race 6: Leslie, Jim
Race 7: Jim, Leslie
Race 8: Leslie, Johnny

Next scheduled race is Sunday 2 December, after the AGM. See you then, Hugh

4 November 2018 – One Metre Day

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4 November 2018 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day

Mild, cloudy, wind southwest to southeast force 2 to 3, with occasional force 4 gusts.

There were local areas on the pond where in the lulls wind dropped to force 1, and boat speed dropped from steady speed to more or less drifting. Because of the prolonged dry spell the water level remained low, although gradually increasing by 2 or 3 inches from the peak shallow depth. We had to race Solings, One Metres can’t be sailed at present.

An unidentified underwater obstacle turned out to be a plastic bag, stationary because it was resting on the shallow bottom. Grant used his boat the sail the bag to the side of the pond and retrieved it. Bags like this are usual on the pond, but normally they drift over the depth, and often end up on the lee shore.

Those racing from time to time were Grant, Jim, Hugh and John. A visitor, Ken, from Whitton model club had brought a sailing model and cruised on the pond. He was lent Hugh’s Soling and joined in the race. Members of his club were welcomed to join us. Racing was tricky, the wind frequently reversing on the clubhouse side of the course. Continuous attention was necessary to keep up to best speed. As usual, interested spectators congregated some taking photos.

Race 1: Jim, Grant, Hugh
Race 2: Hugh, Grant, Jim
Race 3: Jim, John, Grant
Race 4: Jim, John, Ken
Race 5: Jim, Hugh, John

Next scheduled race is Sunday 18 November, See you then, Hugh


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hi club members .the date for the agm will be the 2nd of december 2018.1 metre race day .

vintage club days for 2019 are as follows

24 march

28 april

23 june

28 july

25 august

29 september

27 october

jim (sec)

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