AGM and 6M sailing on the 21st November.

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The day of the AGM. The meeting went well and I shall be sending every member a copy of the Minutes as soon as I have written them and so will not be giving any details here. The AGM finished at 12.45 and after a bit of a chat we decided to do some 6M sailing. I think there were about 6 boats on the water in a nice breeze. We had the pleasure of having Mark Dicks and his son Joshua with us and I offerred Mark my boat to sail and I was pleased to see that he got a better performance out of it than I can. The racing srarted without any placings being recorded, but the early races I can recall from memory because Mark won most of them! We started late but sailed continuously and the results were as follows, although I am a little hazy about the early third placings.
Race 1. Mark, Grant
Race 2. Mark, Grant
Race 3. Grant, ?
Race 4. Hugh, leslie, Mark
Race 5. Mark, Hugh, Leslie
Race 6. Mark, Hugh, Grant

A good turnout for the AGM, 12 members, and some good racing afterward. Derek.

1M sailing at Clapham on the 7th November.

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As I sit here writing this blog it is raining heavily with high winds, and it is cold. What a change from Sunday which was a lovely day with bright sunshine and variable winds. A good turnout of 9 members with 7 boats on the water. The low sun reflecting on the water made for difficult sailing from our usual start/finish line so it was decided to sail from the other side of the lake, so having the sun at our backs. While we sailed the same course as we usually do, the wind conditions made for difficult sailing and choice of course and when to tack became crucial. All boats behaved themselves. John S sailed Ted,s boat in the later races while Ted took over Derek,s boat and Hugh and Leslie shared Hugh,s boat. The racing went well and we got 10 races in with a lunch break in between. Ted did very well when sailing his own boat, not so well when sailing Derek,s. Jim sailed well as usual as did John sailing his new pink (!) boat which in one race had a dead heat finish with Hugh. Results as follows.
Race 1. Ted, John T, Jim
Race 2. Ted, Jim, Derek
Race 3. Ted, Jim, Hugh
Race 4. Ted, Derek, Jim
Race 5. Derek, Leslie, Jim
Race 6. Ted, Jim, John T
Race 7. Jim, John S, John T
Race 8. Hugh/John T dead heat, Jim
Race 9. Jim, John T, Ted
Race 10, Hugh, Ted, Jim
Remember that the AGM is on the 21st November at 11am and I urge that all members make an effort to attend. If we finish the AGM in a reasonable time we should be able to get some 6M racing in if members wish. See you all at the AGM. Derek.

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