6Metre sailing at Clapham on the 20th September.

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20 September 2015 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Warm, generally sunny with some cloudy intervals. Wind west southwest force 2 to 3. Good sailing wind with consistent direction along the pond.


Those racing were Grant, Odd, Hugh, Jim and John.


Jim and Rob Vice came to deal with the final arrangements for the Footy event the following Sunday. Rob also helped Grant get his boat into better sail set up, and raced himself.to test his settings.


A very pleasant day’s sailing, with 12 races completed.



Race 1: Hugh, Odd, Grant

Race 2: Jim, Grant, Odd

Race 3: Hugh, Jim, Odd

Race 4: Hugh, Odd, Grant

Race 5: Jim, Odd, Hugh

Race 6: Jim, Rob, Odd

Race 7: Jim, Rob, Hugh

Race 8: Hugh, Jim, John

Race 9: Hugh, Odd, John

Race 10: Jim, Odd, Hugh

Race 11:Odd, Jim, John

Race 12 Jim, John, Odd


Member are welcome to attend the Footy race event next Sunday 27 September, there should be a spare Footy to try out.






Racing at Clapham on the 6th September.

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6 September 2015 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day



Sunny, mild, wind north west force 2-3.


Water level was high, so we were able to race One Metres. On the pond the wind was fluky, frequently changing direction.


Those racing from time to time included Grant, Hugh, Jim, Leslie, Ted and John.



Race 1: Hugh, Leslie, John

Race 2: Leslie, Hugh, John

Race 3: Leslie, Hugh, John

Race 4: Leslie, Ted, Hugh

Race 5: Leslie, John, Hugh

Race 6: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Race 7: Hugh, Leslie, Ted

Race 8: Leslie, John, Hugh

Race 9: Leslie, John, Hugh

Race 10: Hugh, Leslie, Ted

Race 11: Hugh, Ted, John

Race 12: Hugh, Leslie, Ted

Race 13: Leslie, Ted, Hugh

Race 14 Hugh, Leslie, Ted




Thank you Hugh for your report.

Our friend Alan Scarlett,s funeral took place on the 2nd September at Beckenham Crematorium and as President of the Club I was proud of the number of members who had made the effort to attend. Five of us were there, Jim Robinson, Ted, John and Hugh as well as myself, I think Brenda (his wife) was very touched by our presence.  Well done the Club. Derek.

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