sailing at clapham on the 5th April

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Report by courtesy of Hugh.
It was a One Metre day, being the first Sunday in the month.
Wind was light, coming across the Long Pond from the shelter of buildings on the other side of Clapham Common Southside road, and through trees on the Common. Wind was very variable, initially swinging in different directions at alternative ends of the pond, but veering more westerly towards noon. Strength varied from a breeze that generated ripples, to a glossy apparent calm, with barely a whisper of wind.
After setting up both his Gadgets to suit the wind conditions, Hugh lent these boats to Leslie (a new member), Richard and John. Alan used his beamy Australian skiff, which in the light conditions sailed well. He had some gear problems, as did Ted (tired batteries). Ted also lent out his fast Chris Dicks design.
There were three to four boats sailing at any time. results as far as I was able to record were;
Leslie. 1st,2nd,2nd.
Alan. 1st,2nd.
John. 1st, 2nd.
Richard would have had a 2nd but was slowed by picking up a polythene bag lurking by the marker buoy neat the Clubhouse.
Another potential hazard was a large submerged submarine, sneaking round the edge of the pond like a pike, fortunately without predatory intentions.
Ted sailed sailed a couple of races, scoring 1st,1st. Hugh sailed only one race, getting a 2nd to Ted,s first. Both these sailors should do well anyway as these are fast designs which they sail all the time, so should know how to make them go. Conditions were very demanding, those winning places only doing so by skilled sailing, contesting every inch.
The day was sunny and fine. Also gracing the pond was a museum quality model of a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, sailing well without any false keel. There was a good crowd of spectators, one asking if the boats were driven by propellers, the water being so glossy there was no apparent source of wind, the only effort being the concentration on the faces of the racig skippers.
This ends the review by Hugh for which I am gratefull.
I am making good progress after the hip replacement and hope to get to the pond on the 3rd May, particularly as I have had contact from a modeller who has built a four foot model of a steam drifter, driven appropriately by a Stuart Turner single cylinder steam engine. He would like to have an official launch party on that day and I have said he would be welcomed. Should be interesting to see it on the water. Once again, thanks to Hugh and I hope to see you all soon. Derek

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