sailing at Clapham on the 19th July.

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19 July 2015 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Warm, cloudy, wind Southwest force 3 to 4 with force 5 gusts.


Those racing from time to time were Grant, Hugh, Jim, Ted, John and Leslie,In the gusts the boats were rather unmanageable, with entanglements and a collision. 8 races were completed.



Race 1: Jim, Hugh, Ted

Race 2: Leslie, John, Jim

Race 3: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 4:Jim, Leslie, John

Race 5: Jim, John, Leslie

Race 6: Ted, John, Leslie

Race 7: Ted, Leslie, John

Race 8: Ted, Leslie







Sailing at Clapham on the 12th July.

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hi dereck

sunday non scheduled race as odd has been itching to sail a 6 meter .we decided to sail 6 m instead of solings  we had six races wind 3 to 4 only three sailing  jim john and odd

1 odd  john jim

2 odd jim john

3  jim odd  john

4 odd  john jim

5 odd  jim john

6 john  odd jim

Thanks Jim. Seems like Odd has taken to 6 Metre sailing like a duck to water. I still have two 6 Metre,s for sale if he should be interested. Derek.



Sailing at Clapham on the 5th July.

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On Monday, 6 July 2015, 13:05, HUGH LANSDOWNE <> wrote:



Sunday 5 July 2015 – One Metre Day


Due to shallow water we weren’t able to sail One Metres, so we raced Solings instead.



Cloudy warm, wind Southwesterly force 2 to 3.


Those racing from time to time included: Odd, Jim, Hugh, John, Ted and Richard.



Race 1: John, Hugh.Odd

Race 2: Jim, Hugh, Odd

Race 3: Hugh, Ted, Jim

Race 4: Odd, Hugh, Ted

Race 5: John, Odd, Ted

Race 6: Odd, John, Ted

Race 7: Jim, Odd, Hugh

Race 8: Ted, Jim, Odd

Race 9: John, Jim, Odd

Race 10: Odd, Ted, Jim

Race 11: Jim, Hugh, Odd






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