One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 6th November.

November 8, 2011 at 12:38 pm | Posted in News | 2 Comments

Again, I regret I was not at the pond to sail. The weather at home was very calm with not a breath of wind so it was with some surprise I read Hugh,s report which he kindly sent me. It looks as though there were not many members there and had to rely on Fred to make the numbers up. Hugh,s report follows-.
“Sunday 6 November- One Metre Day.
North wind force 2 up to 4 in gusts, cloudy.
In the shelter of the Clubhouse, the wind felt light, elsewhere on the course the wind was overpowering at times. All boats were carrying top rig. Mark was sailing his RG65 in company with us, so I have shown his position in the races, Chris was doing well with his Boxkite which, because of greater beam, was able to stand up to the gusts.
Race 1. Fred, Chris, John, Mark
Race 2. Mark, Chris, John, Fred
Race 3. John, Chris, Mark
Race 4. Chris, Mark, John
Race 5. Hugh, Mark, John, Chris
Race 6. Mark, John, Hugh, Chris
Race 7. Chris, Mark, Fred, John
Race 8. Fred, Mark, Chris, John
Race 9. Chris, Fred, Mark, John
Race 10. Mark, fred, John, Chris.”

A reminder that the next scheduled meeting on the 20th November is, more importantly, the AGM and I shall expect every member to be there on what could be a most important meeting for the Club when a new Chairman, and Treasurer, must be elected in the hope that a change in leadership might inject new life into the Club. I urge that you all make a special effort to be there. Derek.

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