A Soling day,26th August.

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A fine day at Clapham. It started a little overcast but soon brightened up into a fine sunny day. Five of us turned up to sail the Solings. There was little wind unfortunately and at times it was more of a drifting match than racing, but having said that there was the occassional puff of wind and, as we have found with the Solings, if you happened to be last but caught the puff first it was likely you would catch the fleet up.

Jim was the most successful skipper in the early races, winning the first four, thereafter the wins were shared between him and Ted. Allen was a usual third and Derek lanquished in last place for most of the time untill Jim and Ted took pity on him and retrimed his boat, thereafter he did a little better. Hugh sailed Derek,s boat on a few occassions. The Common was very busy with some sort of “pop” festival and there seemed to be thousands there, but fortunately they did not interfere with our sailing. The Common was covered in litter of one sort or another and if the Council do not clear it swiftly I fear much of it may end up in the pond. 

1 Metre racing on 5th August.

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A beautifull day at Clapham. Bright, hot and quite windy. Five of us turned up to race and we managed to get quite a lot pf racing in. It took a bit of time to get started but when we did Ted took the first race. The second, and third, were won by Allan who was on excellent form with his boat “Manderin”. Ted took the next two races with Derek taking the sixth. Jim took the next followed by Ted again, twice, and the final race was Jim,s.  Somewhere in between we managed to fit in a lunch break. A very enjoyable day in which we all got a little sunburnt!. 

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