1 metre race

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4 december 2016 first sunday of month

conditions cold,sunny,wind easterly force 2-3

first ice of the winter on a scheduled racing day .at 11 am the pond was iced over with a very small  area of open water the wind at first was north north east force 1-2 .by 12 pm the wind had veered to the east and increased to force 2-3 .the combination of the warming from the sun and the increased wind led to the thin ice clearing and melting from the clubhouse end of the pond .those present decided to race they were leslie,hugh,jim,and john someone with a small powerboat was helping the ice breakup .his boat battery eventualy  died his boat was some distance from the shore .so leslie managed to bring it in under sail to much admiration of his skill by the powerboat owner.while racing the wind channeling along the main road was varying in force and direction unpredictably .this made bouy rounding tricky as was the choise of were to position the boat on the long beat back to the finish .hugh had decided just to keep the score .although leslie lent his his boat for for two races.we all decided to finish after race 8 terminated by a speedy whithdrawal  to the warmth of the clubhouse accompanying  our presence on the session was a colourful  great ormond street hospital charity run of both sexes in father christmas outfits.


race 1 jim,leslie john

2 jim,leslie,john

3 jim,leslie,john

4 leslie jim,john

5 john leslie,jim

6 john jim hugh

7 leslie,jim,john

8 leslie,john jim


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