Jack Sanday; a comemorative 6M race.

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Jack,s funeral took place on the 20th May. The Club was well represented with six members being there, one of them acting as one of the pall bearers. We all went back to Jack,s home where the family had laid on a reception. The weather was kind and it was a good send off for Jack.
It has been suggested that we should run a comemorative race to remember Jack, and as Jack was keen on racing 6 Metres it has been decided that the event should take the form of a 6 Metre match race, the event to take place on the 20th September this year.
The organisation should be straightforward, we have a series of match race cards in the Clubhouse to suit fleets of from four to twenty or more boats. So, here is your chance to get all those 6M,s back into commision, or there is just about time to build one!. More details will follow in due course, but I should like to get some idea of how many boats we could expect on the day. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 17th May

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Sailing, what sailing? The day started badly with heavy rain and those who did arrive at the Clubhouse early found it still raining and a heavy wind. Happily the rain stopped about 11-11.30 but the wind was still strong and very gusty, and for 6M sailing it was thought borderline. No-one seemed anxious to rig a boat so we stayed in the Clubhouse. It was noticeable that some members have been busy over the last week or two re-arranging things and the main room is much better organised. This brings up a point which needs airing.
The Clubhouse provides a reasonable degree of comfort and amenity.Tea and coffee are readily available and provided free by by one or other of the members yet it is sad to see that some of those who take advantage of the amenities do not bother to clear up. Cups are left unwashed in the sink, and even when disposable cups are used these, and teabags, are frequently left around after use insread of being disposed of. The Clubhouse is for the benefit of all members and all should make an effort to keep the place clean and tidy. An occasional sweeping of the floor, tidying of magazines and clearing and
washing cups/disposables is not too much to ask, and the bucket should always, repeat, always be cleaned before the last member leaves the Clubhouse. This last, regretfully, has not always been done and it is wrong that these simple tasks are left to a few, very few, members. All have a responsibility to see that these things are done and not leave it to the next man. I hope to see a general tightening up on these basic points.
The Chairman.

Death of Jack sanday

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I have made an error in the date of the cremation service. It is Wednesday the 20th May. I obviously went crosseyed when looking at my calender. My apolog ies for the error. Derek

Death of an ex-Club member

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I am afraid I have to report the death of Jack Sanday who passed away over the weekend after a long illness. Jack had been a long standing member of the Club through the heydays of the Club in the 70,s, 80,s and 90,s. He was an accomplished sailor and the builder of numerous boats of all shapes and sizes, from Marbleheads to the giant three masted schooner “Winston Chuchill”
He became ill several years ago but had had periods of remission untill the illness got on top of him. He had spent the last several months in a Hospice where he was said to have been happy, still continuing to make models to occupy his time, so much so that it was only in the last couple of months past that he staged an exhibition of his work at the Hospice, giving all proceeds for the benefit of the Hospice.
Jack is to be cremated, the service being held at the North East Surrey Crematorium in Lower Morden Lane at 2pm on Wednesday the 13th of May. I shall be attending, as well as some other members of the Club, to pay our last respects. The family have requested “no flowers” but donations to the Hospice where Jack died will be welcomed. I intend to draw a modest cheque on Club funds in favour of the Hospice in memory of the long service that Jack gave to the Club

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