Soling Registration

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For those of you who have picked up a registration form from Graham and wish to register their boat, here is how to do it.

Fill in the top part of the form with, name, owners name, builders name and club. Then in the second partcomplete the “Owners Declaration”, sign and date it, and fill in your name and address. Send the form to:

Graham Reeves
Pool Close
CV37 8QB

Graham will fill in the Date of Registration, sign and date it as Registrar and return it to you.  All done, you are now on the official register.

20th May – 6M

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Just four boats lined up for the racing in the light fickle breeze this morning. The wind direction varied as much as the strength, during one circuit of the course it was possible to keep on the same point of sail on the same tack. It was very rare for any boat to sail continuously around the course without running out of wind at least once.

Therefore the racing wasn’t fast and furious, rather slow and unpredictable, but this made for good racing no the less. Even a tail-ender could give the leader cause for concern if the wind filled from the back of the fleet. Over all winner of the day was Graham, who took most of the wins. The other skippers didn’t make it easy for him, and some of the wins were taken by less than a boat length on a few occasions.

Historic photographs of Clapham MYC

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I was contacted by former CMYC Member David Bell, who was recently loaned several photo albums from a past member Norman Hatfield by his son David Hatfield. Norman was also a member of the Clapham club as it reformed in 1934 until the outbreak of war in 1939.
The photographs can bee seen at the bottom of the About us page

6th May – IOM

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Four brave souls turned up to face very windy racing conditions in which the boats had a hard time, at least two boats suffering gear failure, one of them terminal. Racing was such that who won or lost depended on which boat coped best with the strong gusts. Jim, Hugh and Derek won at least one race each, poor Alan having to retire with a broken sheet. It was decided to call a halt to racing after a couple of hours and we retired to the shelter of the Clubhouse for refreshment. The overall winner on the day was Jim. Well done.  

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