A breezy days sailing at Clapham on the 2nd March. ALSO SEE NOTE AT END.

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A bright but very breezy day for the 1Metres. We all opted for a second suit except Hugh who had to use a top suit because his second suit mast had been bent. Some good racing with the first race going to Ted, the second to Derek and the third to Jim R, Derek then had to retire for a short time with gear failure. The only time he had opted for simplicity and had used a nylon cord to hank the jib boom to the deck track instead of his usual wire hook and fishing swivel , the nylon cord frayed and snapped (and when he was in the lead too). A few races later the swivel was repaired and he was back with the fleet. Racing was quite close, although John struggled a bit with a 1M that Allan had given him on extended loan, but he did improve as he got used to it. Hugh also struggled in the morning having to use a top suit in the strong wind, but after lunch the wind seemed to ease a bit and his larger sail area made itself felt, winning a couple of races in quick succession. Nearly everyone won at least race in a wind which got more than one boat on the plane downwind. An exciting mornings sailing. Next scheduled race is for 6M,s on the 16th of March.


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