derek cross

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i am happy to  announce that derek is home .he has had two operations and after weeks of lying in bed is recovering the use of his limbs .i will phone him soon  so as to give any updates


1 meter race

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1st january .first sunday of 2017


cold cloudy.rain later wind south west force 2-3

those racing from time to time included;odd,grant,hugh,jim heavy rain was forcast  from 1pm but 7 races were completed until 1.30 pm when rain finished racing for the day

race 1  odd,jim,grant

race 2  odd,jim,hugh

race 3 odd,jim,hugh

race 4  odd,hugh,jim

race 5  odd,jim,hugh

race6  odd,hugh,jim


6 meter race

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18 december 2016  third sunday of the month .six meter race


cloudy.cold.wind south westerly 1-2

those racing from time to time included:odd,hugh,leslie,jim and richard,a member of the public “mike:was a dinghy sailor and interested in our racing ,hugh lent him his boat and he sailed a number of races .john came but did not race ,and bearing in mind the cold conditions this was understandable ,the wind was mainly along the pond ,with a beat up to the first mark  but later veered westerly ,more across the pond with a reach to the first mark .and back to the finish the light and variable breeze meant some had wind while others did not .sail setting for the shifts was tricky and close fought  finishes were spread out among  those racing .six races were enough and all retired to the warm of the club house.

race 1 leslie  odd  jim

race 2 odd  jim  hugh

race 3 jim  lelie  mike

race 4 grant  jim  leslie

race 5 leslie  jim  odd

race 6 jim  leslie  odd


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