18 February 2018 Six Metre Day

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18 February 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Cool, sunny, dry. Wind generally south south-east, force 2-3.

Those racing from time to time included: Leslie, Hugh, Jim and John.

On the pond, the wind was changing direction and strength, at times quite light. The lead positions shifted often during the race, often depending on rounding a particular mark or a wind conditions during a particular leg.

Places were tightly contested throughout the 7 races that were held.

A couple of members of the public showed us a vintage pond yacht they had just bought, and will be coming back to share knowledge about restoring it into good sailing trim.

Race 1: Leslie, Hugh, Jim
Race 2: Jim, Hugh, John
Race 3: Jim, John, Hugh
Race 4: Jim, Leslie, John
Race 5: Jim, John, Leslie
Race 6: Jim, Leslie, Hugh
Race 7: Leslie, Jim, John

See you next One Metre Day Sunday 4 March, Hugh

vintage model yacht group

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The following dates for v.m.y.g. meetings at the long pond clapham.

sunday 11 march 2018

sunday 29 april 2018

sunday 24 june 2018

sunday 12 august 2018

sunday 14 october 2018



4 February – One Metre Day

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4 February 2018 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day

Cold, cloudy, wind east north east force 2 to 3.

Those racing from time to time included: Leslie, Grant, Hugh and John. Wind on the pond was fairly light. It was fairly cold, and 8 races were felt to be enough.

Race 1: Leslie, Grant, John
Race 2: Leslie, Grant, Hugh
Race 3: Grant, Leslie, John
Race 4: John (others tangled did not finish)
Race 5: Leslie, Hugh, John
Race 6: Leslie, John, Hugh
Race 7: Hugh, Leslie, John
Race 8: Leslie, John, Hugh

See you next Six Metre Day Sunday 18 February, Hugh

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