Sailing at Clapham on the 20th May.

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Sailing the 6M,s. Conditions were cloudy, wind northeast force 1-3. The area round the start line and the wing mark were in the wind shadow of tall trees, winds were light and flukey in direction in this part of the course.
This was the first race for John,s newly built Force 6, which was sailing well. Mark was sailing Graham,s Siesmic and, like Jim, had homemade one piece sails made from laminated scrim material which seems to do very well, it maintains a fair curve and is very slippery.
Melvin and Leslie had to share the Renaissance. The Roccoco was out of action following a winch burn out. Melvin had the boat for the first two races. The first race had started while he was on the course side of the start line so he had to go back and was then last over the line. In his second race he was in the lead, but then had rudder problems and could not stop the boat turning in circles.
Seems like there was a fair mix of boats on the water being sailed by a fair mix of skippers but it was a good days racing and a promising debut for John,s Force 6. Results as follows-,
Race 1. Jim, John, Phil
Race 2. Jim, Mark, John
Race 3. Mark, Leslie, Jim
Race 4. Jim, Mark, John
Race 5. Mark, Jim, John

Next scheduled race for !M,s will be on the 3rd June, which is the Queens Jubilee weekend, so let,s try and make it a good turnout.
The following weekend, the 10th June, is a Vintage Group meeting for those who are interested. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 6th May.

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I did not go to the pond on Sunday as the weather was wet and windy where I live, but it seems that it was not as bad at the pond, there being eight members who braved the elements. Quite a good crowd.
The conditions were cool and cloudy with a northeast wind, force 1-3. Racing was brisk with ten races being run. Results as follows-,
Race 1. Ted, Leslie, Melvin
Race 2. Melvin, Ted, Grant
Race 3. Ted, John, Leslie
Race 4. Ted, John, Melvin
Race 5. Ted, John, Phil
Race 6. Ted, Leslie, John
Race 7. John, Ted, Leslie
Race 8. Ted, John, Leslie
Race 9. Ted, Leslie, John
Race 10. Ted, Leslie, John
Seems like Ted had a good day, and a new name appearing on the board, Melvin, a name I have not come across before but welcome to the Club.
Next scheduled race is on the 20th May for 6Metre,s unless members turn up for Soling racing on the 13th. Derek.

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