15 April 2018 – Six Metre Day

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15 April 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Mild, Cloudy, Wind Southerly force 2 to 3.

Those racing from time to time included: Grant, Hugh, Jim, John and Richard. Grant raced in the morning but could not stay after 12.15 when the others joined in. 8 races were held altogether.

Race 1: Grant, Hugh
Race 2: Hugh, Grant
Race 3: Hugh, Grant
Race 4: Hugh, John. Jim
Race 5: Jim, John, Hugh
Race 6: Hugh, John, Jim
Race 7: Jim, John, Hugh
Race 8: Jim, John, Hugh

See you next One Metre Race Sunday 6 May, Hugh

London fire brigade

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Hi clubmates  to let you know.the fire services will be conducting exercises at the pond  on wed 30th of may from three o clock on .they will be simulating an emergency on the common .

jim ,sec

1 April 2018 – One Metre Day

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1 April 2018 – First April of the Month – One Metre Day

Chilly, overcast, wind North to Northwest force 1 to 3.

Wind was light on the pond, the second race was shortened to a single leg to the westerly buoy and back to save time. However, after this second race the wind freshened up so we went back to the full course. We held 8 races altogether.

Those racing from time to time included: Odd, Leslie, Judith, Hugh, Grant and Jim. Odd brought his newly acquired Britpop, which was faster than the other boats, who fought each other for the remaining places.

Race 1: Odd, Leslie, Grant
Race 2: Odd, Leslie, Hugh
Race 3: Odd, Hugh, Leslie
Race 4: Odd, Leslie, Hugh
Race 5: Odd, Leslie, Hugh
Race 6: Odd, Leslie, Jim
Race 7: Odd, Leslie, Hugh
Race 8: Odd, Leslie, Jim

See you next Six Metre Day, Sunday 15 April, Hugh

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