6 metre race

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18 june 2017-third sunday of the month -6 metre day


sunny.hot,wind force 1-2 sou. sou .west those racing from time to time included leslie ,hugh,grant,jim,ted.


race 1 leslie,grant,ted,

2 leslie ,ted,grant,

3 grant ,hugh,jim.

4 jim,ted,leslie.

5 ted,leslie,hugh,

6 jim,ted,hugh,

7 jim,hugh,ted,


teds boat a tony abell dolphin .suprised all . not noted for its light wind performance .but did well in the fluky conditions, the results do not convey how tight the racing was with some races won by boats that made bad starts and with many  position changes .it was so engrossing one skipper tried to sail an extra lap whilst in the lead .no names but i finished last i blame it on the heat


1 metre -soling race

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4 june 2017 first sunday of the month -one metre day


warm sunny .wind south south west  force 2-3

the pond remains shallow due to the long dry spell wich seems  likely to continue .because of the shallow water .instead of one metres we are now sailing solings and these are at last being bought back into commission after being laid up for years .hughs boat had been leaking at the keel .but this was due to the wood of the keel case drying out and shrinking .after being used for the whole day .the wood took up and the  leak was cured . hopefully all the solings will be in working trim so we have an ample fleet to replace the one metres .there will be boats to borrow for those without there own solings .

allthough  it took some time to get all the boats ready and on the water we had a good days sailing with 11 races completed those racing from time to time included .leslie,hugh,grant,john,richard,ted,fred.and jose


race 1 leslie,grant,john

2 leslie ,ted,john

3 ted,hugh,fred,

4 hugh,ted,john.

5 leslie,ted,richard.

6 leslie,richard,john.

7 richard.john,grant.

8 john,richard,jose.

9 john,richard,jose.

10 ted,john,jose.

11 ted,john,jose.


6 metre race

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21 may 2017-third sunday of the month-6 metre day


warm.sunny.with some clouds.wind south.south.west force 2 to 3

the wind was generally across the pond towards the clubhouse .but the shifts in direction and strengh meant at times the wind would change from a run to a beat on the leg from the start line bouy to the first mark.the wing mark was also affected by the changing conditions all this meant that continuous concentration was needed.wich made for interesting racing.

those racing from time to time were leslie,grant,hugh,jim,johna and   fred.we were joined by potential new member jose.who had visited before to watch our racing hugh lent him his boat for several races.fred also borrowed this boat .and at times johns boat


race 1 hugh,leslie,john

2 hugh.jim,john

3 grant.jim, fred

4 leslie,grant.jim

5 leslie,jim,grant

6 leslie,jim,fred

7 john,jim,jose

8 jim.fred,john


1 metre race

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7 may 2017 -first sunday of the month -one metre day


cool,wind north-westerly 2-3

the prolonged drought had led to the pond drying up.the low water level was insufficient to race one metres it was decided to race solings .however the solings had not been used for a long time .jims boat turned out to be half full of water because of a roof leak .the electrics were ruined winch ,rudder servo and switch .hughs soling appeared ok until it was launched but had developed a leak around the keel .so it soon flooded .other sailors hadn’t brought compatible radio equipment .so weren’t able to use this with the solings .after juggling existing equipment with the available fleet of solings .four working boats were got into racing trim .this had taken some hours so we were late in starting the racing .five races were held in the rather light and fluky conditions .those racing were jim.john.richard,and fred

race 1 jim.john,richard

2 jim,john.fred,

3 jim.fred,richard

4 jim,fred,john

5 jim.john.fred


6 metre race

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16 april 2017-third sunday of the month-six metre day


cloudy cool wind westerly force 3 to4

those racing from time to time included grant,leslie,odd,hugh.jim,,john and richard

we managed to get 12 races in  during the fresh conditions


race 1 grant,odd leslie

2 hugh,leslie odd

3 hugh,jim,leslie

4 leslie,john,jim

5 grant,richard,odd

6 leslie,grant,john

7 grant,jim,richard

8 odd,jim,richard

9 odd,jim,leslie

10 leslie ,odd,hugh

11 jim,leslie,odd

12 john,odd,leslie


1 metre race

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2nd april 2017 -first sunday of the month


sunny.warm.wind north westerly force 2-3

those racing from time to time included leslie,grant,hugh,ted,john,jim,richard

wind on the pond was light and shifting frequently .9 races were completed in the changeable conditions


race 1 leslie,ted.john

2 hugh,leslie,grant

3 grant,leslie,ted

4 leslie,richard,ted

5 leslie,richard,grant

6 john,leslie,richard

7 john,leslie jim

8 jim,john,leslie

9 leslie,richard,jim


6 metre race

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19 march-third sunday of the month-six metre day

conditions,cloudy mild wind west southwesterly force 4-5

those present jim,john ,hugh,grant,leslie

conditions on the water were fairly boisterous .so those present were waiting for a sailor to venture on to the water to judge the effect of the conditions on six metre under full rig.since everyone was waiting for someone else to take the risk .a certain amount of delay ensued.meanwhile grant set out the bouys for the course hugh launched his boat and sailed around the course once .then put his boat on the grass waiting for the others to join him unfortunately by this time grant could not stay any longer.and leslie joined hugh for six races which were deemed to be sufficient

it was fairly straightforward to sail into the wind but of the wind courses were trickier .and any unlucky episodes straying from the proper course meant the competitor got clear ahead the racing was tightly contested nevertheless

neither boat was troubled by damage caused by the conditions.which had been the case with the one metre boats raced two weeks previously in similar conditions this is a tribute to the generally robust character of the six meter class.


race 1 hugh ,leslie

race 2 hugh,leslie

race 3 hugh ,leslie

race 4 leslie.hugh

race 5 leslie,hugh

race 6 hugh.leslie


vintage group

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sunday 11 april

about six members turned up .but with lack of wind plus rain they called it a day .

hope they have better conditions next time


one metre day

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5 march 2017-first sunday of the month -one metre day


cloudy .cold.wind force 4 to 5 mainly south westerly

those sailing from time to time included .leslie.hugh.jim.john.also present were grant who set up the bouys .richard who kept the scores and ted

the full rig boats managed to work their way upwind behind the middle rig boats .but lack of control made for difficulties with accurate bouy  rounding and  downwind runs when they buried bows and ended up stalled it took ages while they might have been going faster downwind before they got out of control.once stalled it took ages to get back on course .so the middle rigs increased their lead.

those that did sail the 2 races held deserve credit for putting on some sort of competition in very testing conditions .hopefully the next events will encounter better weather.


race 1:leslie jim john

race 2:leslie john


vintage group days at clapham

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hi members  i had a call from tony warren with this years vintage day dates.all but one are on the usual non sailing days .i agreed as the date in august clashed with another event to give the ok .the dates are as follows.

sunday 12 march

sunday 30 april

sunday 6 august (our 1 meter day change to second sunday)

sunday 8 october


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