agm 2017

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hi members i have had two requests to move date from the 10th december  to the 17 of december .please contact me if date should be changed as this is 6 metre day.

jim (sec)


2017 agm

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we have a provisional date of the second sunday of december the 10th .please let me know if this suitable .i hope to have an update on the on the future of the club before then.

6 metr day

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19 november 2017 -third sunday of the month -six metre day


sunny cool,wind west north-west force 2-3 when the conditions were light .the area in wind shadow in the lee of the club house and along the bank up to the first bouy .as well as the blanketing from boats close to each other .meant that there were frequent changes of lead .sometimes one or several boats were stuck in a delayed bouy rounding .and it was possible to avoid these obstacles and get ahead .the run or broad reach back to the finish line was tightly contested with boats sometimes succeeding in maintaining a lead by keeping upwind of competitors .when the wind freshened .the racing was more straightforward .but as always .a good start .and choosing the right moment was significant in the finishing order .

those racing from time to time included ,leslie,odd,jim and hugh.many thanks to leslie for keeping the racing results throughout .hugh was able to join racing halfway through


race 1 to 4 match raceing as they were the only two there

1 odd,leslie

2 odd leslie

3 odd, leslie

4 leslie,odd

5 jim,leslie.odd

6 jim,odd,leslie

7  jim.odd.leslie

8 odd leslie,hugh

9 jim,leslie,odd then jim retired to the clubhouse

10 leslie,odd,hugh

11 hugh,leslie,odd

12 leslie,odd,hugh

see you sunday 3 december on the one metre day



1 metre day

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5 november 2017 first sunday of the month one metre day


Cold ,broken cloud .wind starting westerly .veering north- westerly  force 3 to 4 .the weight of the cold air added to the wind force so that force 5 was reached in some of the gusts .those racing from time to time were leslie,jim,and john .leslie experienced a rudder servo failure .so racing racing stopped  until  he had installed a replacement .we also had a visit  from a councillor  to discus possible long term plans for developing a cafe alongside the club .this was obviously important so that racing only resumed after the  discussion was over .by this time it was getting colder so it was agreed to stop after a total of 5 races had been sailed .


race 1 jim,leslie,john

2 leslie,jim,john

3 leslie jim,john

4 john,jim,leslie

5 jim,leslie john

see you next 6 metre day


club history

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hi everyone out there in digital land. we are trying to compile a history of the clapham model yacht club . i would be most interested to hear from any old members idealy from the 60s and 70s  who remember the clubhouse being built . or could put me in touch with members from that era. sadly the club is under threat from lambeth council who are intent on acquiring the land to build a would be criminal to close the club and lose the sight of graceful model yachts sailing on the long pond .

jim robinson club sec

6 metre day

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15 october 2017-third sunday of the month six metre day


very warm,cloudy,wind south-westerly foece 2-4

those racing from time to time included odd,hugh,grant,leslie,jim,john

sailing conditions were quite moderate with some shifts which favoured changing tacks on the beat .lead changed frequently through the races .10 races were held which wre felt sufficient


race 1 leslie,hugh,grant

2 leslie,odd grant

3 odd.leslie, hugh

4 hugh,jim,odd

5 leslie,jim,odd

6 hugh,grant,leslie

7 odd,jim,hugh

8 odd,leslie,hugh,

9 odd,jim,hugh

10 hugh,leslie,odd

see you on the 5 november .one metre day

important message  the council have hit us with a 14000 pound rent increase  so keep an eye on web site for any updates

6 metre day

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17 september 2017-third sunday of the month -six metre day


mild,cloudy.wind variable northwest force 1

those racing from time to time included odd,leslie,grant,hugh,john,jim,fred.

wind on the pond was very light and variable,races took some time to finish .altogether we sailed seven races ,wich was felt to be enough in the rather frustrating conditions.


race 1 leslie,hugh,grant

2 jim,hugh,odd

3 leslie,grant,odd

4 odd,john,jim

5 john,odd,hugh,

6 jim,leslie,odd

7 leslie,jim,john

see you on sunday 1 oct (one metre day) hugh

1 metre race

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3 september 2017.first sunday of the month-one metre day


cloudy -warm-wind,force 2 to 5 variable generally southerly

those racing from time to time included odd,leslie,jim,ted,john,richard and hugh were there but did not race .the wind was light at first .but increased with strong gusts to the extent that some boats were dipping their bows under on downwind legs when driven fast.wind direction was swinging wildly in the gusts .and it was felt that 8 races were enough at this point in the unpredictable conditions .results were scattered .with odds boat one of the new faster narrow designs .not winning all the races .there were some close finishes sometimes a leading boat being overtaken just inches from the finish line.


race 1 odd,jim,leslie

2 ted,leslie.odd

3 odd,leslie,john

4 leslie ,ted,odd

5 jim,odd,leslie

6 odd,leslie,jim

7 odd,jim,leslie

8 odd,leslie,jim


6 metre race

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20 august 2017-third sunday of the month


sunny warmwind generally.south west force 2-3

there was a temporary.hording extending south west from near the clubhouse about 50 yds.this exaggerated the conditions on the pond .at times channelling the wind .increasing the speed .while if the wind veeredto the west .the pond was blanketed sometimes almost to a calm .on the beat to the first mark .choosing witch wind shift to tack was critical.places were tightly contested .racing was enjoyable .12 races were held altogether

those racing from time to time included leslie,grant,hugh,richard .jim was away on holiday .odd was in norway .grant had to leave early .richard sailed the last 4 races.

we had a distinguished sailing visitor who was watching the sailing for some time .after asking if he sailedhe said he did .on further conversation it turned out to be chris steel .helm of new zealand gc32 class 32 footer foiling catamaran in the uk for the extreme sailing series event in cardiff  on the 25 to 28 august .there are some photos on the extreme racing website of the team preparing at cardiff .chris says will be live on you tube .chris had beenpart of the reporting team at the america’s cup .and was able to give insight on new zealand win  .main factor was sophisticated foil control system handeled by a dedicated crew member .all otherboats had foil controls as manual add on to the helm the forward keel foil .only one kept immersed at the time had controls for pitch angle and cant .the stern rudder foils wich were immersed all the time were controlledfor pitch independently .to counter the wind’s heeling force .the windward rudder foil could be pitched to lift downward relative to the leeward rudder foil.the helm needs global management of the boat throughout the race .trying to combine this withthe demanding task of controlling the foils to fly the boat most effectively at maximum speed was a distraction .watching the races you can see the other boats dipping there bows  in the water periodically .losing speed and at all other times genereally lacking co-ordination.the new zealand boat sailed smoothly with top performance throughout .

the next class of boat for the americas cup will be decided by new zealand they may choose a monohull .wich chris favours .he has raced a lot of monohulls over the years.including the 33 foot international one design.based on a successful six metre in the 1930s. if they choose  a monohull .it will be a high performance design.this would be close to the basis of the cup for competition between seaworthy boats .watch out for interesting developments .


race 1 hugh,lelie,grant

2 hugh,leslie,grant

3 hugh.leslie,grant

4 leslie,hugh,grant

5 leslie,grant,hugh

6 hugh,grant.leslie

7 leslie,hugh

8 hugh,leslie

9 richard,hugh

10 leslie,richard

11 leslie,richard

12 richard,leslie

see you at the next first sunday in september




1 metre race

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sunday 13 august 2017 -one metre race


sunny hot wind force 1-2 variable from leg to leg with little indication of direction .as soon as the wind direction was realised  and the sails sheeted at optimum .a boat would get moving but the wind would shift without warning .there were frequent changes in lead over the course

those racing from time to time were leslie,odd,grant,ted,jim,john


race 1 odd ,leslie

2 odd,ted,leslie

3 odd grant,leslie

4 odd leslie,jim

5 odd grant,jim

6 odd,leslie,grant

7 odd,jim.grant

8 odd,grant.john

9 grant,leslie ,odd

10 odd,leslie.ted

11 odd,leslie,jim

six metre race as usual next sunday third sunday of the month



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