vintage group

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sunday 11 april

about six members turned up .but with lack of wind plus rain they called it a day .

hope they have better conditions next time


one metre day

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5 march 2017-first sunday of the month -one metre day


cloudy .cold.wind force 4 to 5 mainly south westerly

those sailing from time to time included .leslie.hugh.jim.john.also present were grant who set up the bouys .richard who kept the scores and ted

the full rig boats managed to work their way upwind behind the middle rig boats .but lack of control made for difficulties with accurate bouy  rounding and  downwind runs when they buried bows and ended up stalled it took ages while they might have been going faster downwind before they got out of control.once stalled it took ages to get back on course .so the middle rigs increased their lead.

those that did sail the 2 races held deserve credit for putting on some sort of competition in very testing conditions .hopefully the next events will encounter better weather.


race 1:leslie jim john

race 2:leslie john


vintage group days at clapham

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hi members  i had a call from tony warren with this years vintage day dates.all but one are on the usual non sailing days .i agreed as the date in august clashed with another event to give the ok .the dates are as follows.

sunday 12 march

sunday 30 april

sunday 6 august (our 1 meter day change to second sunday)

sunday 8 october


6 meter race

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19 feb 2017-third sunday of the month


cloudy.cold wind southwest force 2-3

those racing from time to time included.odd,leslie,grant,hugh,richard,,jim,john and fred

hugh lent richard his boat for some races .also jim has reconditioned phils boat a siesmic.and sailed it to a first and second .so it is competitive

11 races were felt to be enough in the rather chilly conditions.

race 1:grant,hugh,odd

race 2:hugh,grant,odd

race 3:odd,grant,hugh

race 4:leslie,hugh,jim

race 5:jim,leslie,john

race 6 leslie,jim,odd

race 7:jim,leslie,odd

race 8:leslie:john,odd

race 9:odd,grant,leslie

race 10:leslie,jim,john

race 11:jim,grant,leslie

hugh. with input from jim

Derek Cross

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Hello everybody, just to let you know that I am back home and recovering from my spell in hospital.

Jim has advised earlier that I had suffered a bleed on the brain but in fact it was worse than that as it happened twice and so I now have two holes in my head. Happily there seems to have been no side effects and everything still works, the only problem now is recovering from the effects of the long enforced bed rest and getting all the muscles back in full working order. I am now walking about outside with the aid of a stick, which I expect I shall have to use from now on. Seems as though I have been very lucky with the outcome.

Great to see that the Club is still running well. I missed the AGM and did not pay my sub so I am not now a member of the Club, but I intended to retire when I reached age 90, which will be in July but I hope to get to the 2017 AGM as a guest if I am able. See you all then. Derek.

1 meter race

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5th  febuary 2017 -first sunday of the month-1 meter day


cloudy.damp.cold.wind north east force 2-3

those racing from time to time included odd.leslie.grant.hugh.richard.jim.and john.

ted came but did not race 10 races were thought o be enough in the rather cold conditions


1 odd.grant.hugh

2 odd. hugh.grant

3 odd.grant.leslie

4 odd.john.grant

5 odd.john.leslie

6 leslie.odd.hugh


8 odd.jim.hugh

9 odd.john.jim

10 leslie.odd.jim


derek cross

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i am happy to  announce that derek is home .he has had two operations and after weeks of lying in bed is recovering the use of his limbs .i will phone him soon  so as to give any updates


1 meter race

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1st january .first sunday of 2017


cold cloudy.rain later wind south west force 2-3

those racing from time to time included;odd,grant,hugh,jim heavy rain was forcast  from 1pm but 7 races were completed until 1.30 pm when rain finished racing for the day

race 1  odd,jim,grant

race 2  odd,jim,hugh

race 3 odd,jim,hugh

race 4  odd,hugh,jim

race 5  odd,jim,hugh

race6  odd,hugh,jim


6 meter race

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18 december 2016  third sunday of the month .six meter race


cloudy.cold.wind south westerly 1-2

those racing from time to time included:odd,hugh,leslie,jim and richard,a member of the public “mike:was a dinghy sailor and interested in our racing ,hugh lent him his boat and he sailed a number of races .john came but did not race ,and bearing in mind the cold conditions this was understandable ,the wind was mainly along the pond ,with a beat up to the first mark  but later veered westerly ,more across the pond with a reach to the first mark .and back to the finish the light and variable breeze meant some had wind while others did not .sail setting for the shifts was tricky and close fought  finishes were spread out among  those racing .six races were enough and all retired to the warm of the club house.

race 1 leslie  odd  jim

race 2 odd  jim  hugh

race 3 jim  lelie  mike

race 4 grant  jim  leslie

race 5 leslie  jim  odd

race 6 jim  leslie  odd


1 metre race

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4 december 2016 first sunday of month

conditions cold,sunny,wind easterly force 2-3

first ice of the winter on a scheduled racing day .at 11 am the pond was iced over with a very small  area of open water the wind at first was north north east force 1-2 .by 12 pm the wind had veered to the east and increased to force 2-3 .the combination of the warming from the sun and the increased wind led to the thin ice clearing and melting from the clubhouse end of the pond .those present decided to race they were leslie,hugh,jim,and john someone with a small powerboat was helping the ice breakup .his boat battery eventualy  died his boat was some distance from the shore .so leslie managed to bring it in under sail to much admiration of his skill by the powerboat owner.while racing the wind channeling along the main road was varying in force and direction unpredictably .this made bouy rounding tricky as was the choise of were to position the boat on the long beat back to the finish .hugh had decided just to keep the score .although leslie lent his his boat for for two races.we all decided to finish after race 8 terminated by a speedy whithdrawal  to the warmth of the clubhouse accompanying  our presence on the session was a colourful  great ormond street hospital charity run of both sexes in father christmas outfits.


race 1 jim,leslie john

2 jim,leslie,john

3 jim,leslie,john

4 leslie jim,john

5 john leslie,jim

6 john jim hugh

7 leslie,jim,john

8 leslie,john jim


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