Clapham adopt the Soling 1m

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After months of discussions in the clubhouse and on the internet Clapham Model Yacht Club have adopted the Soling one meter as a third class to sail. Reasons behind this choice of yacht include, it’s one design status, the cost of the kit and the over-ruling factor that they can be sailed in just 11 inches of water, so we should be alright to sail over the summer months.

The Soling will add yet another method of sailing to members of the club, unlike the 6M they are very quick to react and being a one design they should all be evenly matched, so close racing should be available to all members old and new, all they need is a Soling. Initially 6 yachts have been ordered and should be with us in the later half of February

Soling News – Urgent!

January 22, 2007 at 11:48 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

If any one is ready to commit to the Soling idea please could you let the secretary know as soon as possible. You should all have his contact details, if not you can find them on the “Contact Us” part of this website. Thank you

21st Jan – 6M

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And then there was one!

On arriving at the pond this morning, evidence of the weeks storm was plain to see. One of the trees round the pond had fallen during the week. Sad for the tree, but it might have advantages for sailing. The windward mark we normally use sits in the lee of the tree, so we end up with a calm patch right on the mark. With one of the two trees that cause this now gone, we’ll have to see whether the parking at the windward mark is reduced.

Not a lot to report on today’s racing, because after a windy week, the winds were too strong to race. Dramatic sailing was had by those who ventured on the water, but with discretion being the better part of valour, the members retired to the clubhouse.

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