6 Metre sailing sailing on the 17th April.

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Race 17 April 2016 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Overcast, wind West Northwest force 2 to 3.


Those racing from time to time included Grant, Jim, John, Ted, Leslie, Richard and Hugh, who sailed 3 races then lent his boat to Richard, who scored two third places. In the eighth race John was first, and three boats, Leslie, Jim and Grant tied second place, with Ted in third place.



Race 1: Ted, Hugh, Grant

Race 2: Jim, Hugh, Leslie

Race 3: Hugh, John, Leslie

Race 4: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 5: Grant, Leslie, Richard

Race 6: Leslie, Jim, Ted

Race 7: Grant, John, Richard

Race 8: John, (Leslie, Jim and Grant tied 2nd place}, Ted 3rd.

Race 9: Jim, Ted, Leslie

Race 10: Ted, Grant, Jim




I had expected Dave to turn up but he Emailed me to say he had to attend a memorial meeting at the Round Pond, but he hopes to be at Clapham on our next 6 Metre sailing day. I will give him a reminder then. Derek.

Six Metre sailing on Sunday the 17th April.

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Hello members, just quick blog to let you know that a fellow sailor named Dave Andrews may be joining you as a guest on Sunday. He has just bought a 6 Metre and is eager to practice and I have told him he will be very welcome to join you.  Please make him welcome. Derek.

Racing at clapham on the 3rd April.

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3 April 2016 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day



Sunny intervals, mild, wind South South-East force 2 to 3.


Those racing from time to time included: Ted, Grant, Jim, Hugh, Leslie, John and Richard.


The winds were across the pond, but quite light and changeable in direction. 9 races were completed with some tight finishes. In the last race Hugh and Jim were exactly tied in second place.



Race 1: Leslie, Ted, John

Race 2: Hugh, Leslie, Ted

Race 3: Ted, Hugh, John

Race 4: Leslie, Jim, Ted

Race 5: Leslie, Hugh Jim

Race 6: Ted, Hugh, Grant

Race 7: Hugh, Leslie, Ted

Race 8: Hugh Leslie, Jim

Race 9: Leslie, Hugh & Jim tied second place, third Richard.



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