15th April – 6M

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With the Soling fleet starting to take shape, we were able to sail two of the three completed boats together. Both Jim and Derek have done a fine job on their boats, and in the light winds of the day, they’ve proved that these one design kit boats can sail, even when there seems to be no breeze. With all the attending members in agreement that it appears Clapham have made the right decision with the new class. Continue Reading 15th April – 6M…

Soling project

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Although this coming Sunday is a 6M day, I have finished my Soling and intend to take it along. To my knowledge there are now 3 finished Solings, mine, Jack’s and Jim’s. If we all turn up we could have a trial together. Should be fun. Derek. 

1st April – IOM

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April Fools day, and at times it felt like the weather was making fools of us. As members arrived we were greeted by a light warm breeze, and the bright sunshine, so the prospect of sailing was enjoyable.

By the time everyone was ready to race, the breeze had picked up, enough for some to consider dropping to their smaller second suit of sails. With a northwest wind it was a downwind start, which was event free, in spite of a few gusts during the count down. With seven boats heading downwind, some more in control that others, there was a lot of interest from passers by. The IOM’s were in their element and their speed and maneuverability caused big smiles amongst the members. Continue Reading 1st April – IOM…

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