6 Metre racing at Clapham on the 21st September.

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21st September – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Sunny becoming cloudy, slightly cooler in north to northeast wind force 1 to 3.  On the pond the wind was very variable in speed and direction, needing close attention to react to the changes.


Racing were Grant, Hugh, Jim, John, Leslie and Ted. John was using a brown wooden boat which was slower than the others. Ted borrowed this boat and Grant’s at times. Hugh and Leslie alternated using the same boat. We sailed ten closely contested races.


The water level was rather low, but not a problem for the Sixes.



Race 1: Grant, Jim, Hugh

Race 2: Hugh, Grant, Jim

Race 3: Grant, John, Leslie

Race 4: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 5: Grant, John, Jim

Race 6: Jim, Grant, Ted

Race 7: Jim, Grant, Ted

Race 8: Jim, Ted, John

Race 9: Hugh, Jim, Ted

Race 10: Leslie, Grant





One Metre racing at Clapham on the 7th September.

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7 September – first Sunday of the month – One Metre Day



Cloudy, warm, wind north-westerly veering north-easterly force 1 to 3.


The water level was a bit low, there were occasional groundings.


More competitive boats

Matt came with 2 boats, his previous Bantock Red Wine, as well as a newer variant of the same design. The newer variant had a more pronounced  version of the short chine at the stern. He raced each boat in turn. In the day’s conditions there was no perceptible difference in performance. Jim borrowed a Gadget from Hugh. Hugh had fixed the rigging problem with his Widget, which he lent to Odd for one race in which Odd came second. Odd did not get any places with his own boat, which was not competitive with the others. The results show the combination of competitive boats and competitive sailors showing through overall.


Matt’s daughter sailed one of his boats for a while, Richard was doing some work on a boat but did not sail.


Although we only sailed 8 races, the light and fluky wind meant they took longer and were more interesting, all in all a good days racing was had by all.



Race  1: Matt, John, Jim

Race 2: Matt, Hugh, Ted

Race 3: Hugh, Leslie, Jim

Race 4: Jim, Ted, John

Race 5: Matt, Hugh, Leslie

Race 6: John, Hugh. Jim

Race 7: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 8: Jim, Odd (sailing competitive Widget), Leslie




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