Sailing at Clapham on the 20th February.

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As I was not there myself I am again oblidged to Hugh for providing a report. Where I live the morning was dull, cold and with no wind at all so it was surprising that those that did turn up at the pond got so many races in. Anyway, on with the report.
“6 Metre day. Cool with light northeast wind.
Usual course. Running start to first mark, then close reach to wing mark, beating to buoy by Clubhouse, with final beat to finish line. Upwind legs were tricky, with wind shifting and dropping in the lee of trees to the east of the pond.
Results as follows for all those who raced.
Race 1. Jim, Hugh, Grant
Race 2. Hugh, Jim, Grant
Race 3. Hugh, Jim, John T
Race 4. Hugh, Jim, John T
Race 5. Grant(sailing Rococco), Jim, John T
Race 6. Jim, Hugh, John T
Race 7. Hugh, Jim, John T
Race 8. Ted(sailing Rococco), John T
Race 9. Hugh, Grant
Looks like Rococco was the boat to beat so we shall all have to start building a new boat to compete!

I have heard that at least one member has had a problem logging on to the MYA web site. I think I now know the reason. I was aware that the MYA Treasurer was asking that Club Treasurers would submit their affiliation fees early and that was why I had chased up those members who had not paid their sub at the AGM. It now seems that if the affiliation fees were not received by the MYA by the 31st January members names would be removed from the data base and they would not be able to log on untill the fee had been received. Those fees were submitted in early February and so now all should be well. This now answers the question I posed in the last blog; the acknowledgement from the MYA that the fee had been paid and that membership had been renewed would be the fact that the member was able to log on to the MYA site. This fact makes it all the more important that our Club renewal fees are paid at the AGM, or at least by the end of the year, so that the Treasurer is able to submit the affiliation fee to the MYA before the following 31st January.
Hope to see you all at the next meeting on the 6th March and I give advance notice of a Vintage Group meeting on the following Sunday, 13th March. Derek.

2011 MYA Yearbook

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I have received the 2011 yearbooks which were sent to me instead of to the Secretary, why I do not know. Anyway, having received them I have taken them and left them in the Clubhouse so that members can pick one up next time they are there. I have now received all the member subscriptions and have sent off the relevant affiliation fees to the MYA. Now that we all (well, nearly all) have a membership card I am not sure what acknowledgement we shall receive from the MYA.
We will wait and see. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 6th February and other things.

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I did go to the pond on Sunday but arrived late. It was very windy and I only saw two or three hardy souls venture out onto the water. One couple were Hugh and Leslie, who seem they will try to sail in a blizzard and 90mph winds, and Grant seems not far behind, and so I am indebted to Hugh for the following report.
“Sunday 6th February 2011 One Metre Day
A strong southwest wind force 4-5 with gusts touching force 6.
Hugh,s boat ventured a brief trial with full rig, but wind was too much with violent flogging and risked tearing drafting film sails.
Other sailors didn,t have middle rigs apart from Grant, who had first to sort out electric problems, and Hugh who with Leslie managed to lash up a middle rig, which however had a jammed rigging screw, and had to sail with slack shrouds.
Eventualy two boats got afloat to do battle with each other and the elements. As little racing time was left, a course was improvised using transits instead of bouys. Start line was Clubhouse door to drinking water stand across the pond, windward line slanted from first streetlamp on Clubhouse side, across to park bench on far side. Boats had to sail clear across the lines, with two windward leeward laps.
Results were as follows;
Race 1. Grant, Leslie
Race 2. Grant, Leslie
Race 3. Hugh, Grant
Race 4. Grant, Leslie
Race 5. Leslie, Grant
Finally the other sailors were offered a chance to match race the two boats. Ted took up the opportunity to race the Gadget.
In his first race Ted took a white pole on the far side for the windward line, which suited very well as it was a shorter course for him, so he finished well in front.
In his second race both boats were beating across on port, but were unable to tack because of wind strength. They both intervened to manhandle the boats onto starboard tack. Grant got away quickly, but Ted delayed to try to fix spreaders which were hanging at the bottom of the slack shrouds. By the time Hugh got over to tell him to carry on regardless he was too far behind to catch up.
An exciting day,s sail, the boats a handful even under middle rig, planing downwind then pitchpoling over submerged bows.”

I did manage to see some of the racing and it was noticeable that Grant,s COMICK kept up, and sometimes beat as can be seen from the results, more modern designs. There is life in the old dog yet ( COMICK not Grant!)

The reason for my late arrival at the pond was that I had visited the care home in which Duggie Dunn, a former member, is resident. Those of you who were at the AGM in November will remember that we discussed how we should dipose of the money we are holding for him in the Club funds. It was felt that the Club should not continue to hold that money and that we should pass it on to the care home or the Social Services for Duggies benefit. It proved not so easy. I had been in touch with the care home who said the coud not hold large sums of money, nor could the Social Services. It was resolved that we buy items of clothing and toiletries for him and use the money that way. I then had to check what sort of clothing and of what size, hence my visit on Sunday. When I saw Duggie he was much the same, looking well but still unable to communicate. By me asking questions and him nodding or shaking his head we eventually got there amid quite a bit of laughter in between. I took him some sweeties and toiletries in and we were able to have quite a laugh together. He seems fine and as happy as he can be in his circumstances. The home is modern and warm and he has his own, quite large, room with inbuilt toilet and wash basin. I left him sorting though his bag of sweeties, saying I would see him again with the clothing and more sweets in a few weeks time.

On a separate Topic, I am constantly encouraged by the comradely friendship we have amongst our members. Some of them go out of their way to keep the Clubhouse tidy; I notice for instance that the large tar barrel that was taking up space has gone as have other items of rubish. Perhaps we can give some thought to tiding up or disposing of some of the magazines we have acumulated. We are also fortunate to have a member who invariably brings a bottle of fresh milk when he comes for the benefit of all who like a hot drink. I myself was the beneficiary of that largesse on Sunday. It is things like this that make our Club the success it is and makes it part social with a large element of keeness to race as much as possible. All we have to do now is to start a little earlier in the mornings!. Long may it continue. I do hope I have not made too many mistakes, my thumbs were quite numb by the time I had finished. Derek.

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