6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 20th March.

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20 March 2016 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Chilly, overcast, wind North-east force 2 to 3.

Those racing from time to time included: Ted, Leslie, Hugh, Grant, Jim and John. In the light and fluky conditions there was frequent change of positions throughout the races, particularly at the windward finish line where boats in the lead were sometimes overtaken at the last moment.

Race 1: Grant, Leslie, Ted
Race 2: Ted, Grant, Leslie
Race 3: Grant, Leslie, Ted
Race 4: Grant, Leslie, Ted
Race 5: Hugh, Jim, John
Race 6: Leslie, Grant, Ted
Race 7: Jim, Grant, John
Race 8: Leslie, Jim, Hugh
Race 9: Leslie, Ted, Jim
Race 10: Jim, Ted, Hugh
Race 11: Jim, Ted, Leslie
Race 12: Jim, Leslie, Hugh


vintage day 13 march

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vintage group at clapham sunday and the weather was good for a change .good turnout by them but only three from clapham lots of public interest .decided to sail jacks winston churchill lots off positive comments and public admiration spent most of day talking to public about the boat .one of the vintage group had some pictures and information about a very early meeting at clapham that showed model steam boats as well as yachts i will ad to site when i receive them.much thanks from vintage group some of whom expressed an interest in attending some of our races.IMG_0022IMG_0009IMG_0015

One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 6th March.

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March 2016 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day

Chilly, sunny intervals becoming cloudier, wind west north-west force 2-3.

Those club members racing from time to time were Odd, Jim, Leslie, Grant and Ted. Hugh was delayed re-rigging his one metre to full rig after the previous heavy wind race, so decided to just keep the scores.

We had a visit from James, a student from Clapham college who was doing a study of our club and took a lot of video footage.

We also had guest racer Nick from Bristol with his MX14 (same as Odd’s boat), who had been attending the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace, where his Contender dinghy had been on display.

Nick had only been racing model yachts for a short time, having bought his boat at Christmas. He is a pretty experienced dinghy racer, the Contender is a singled handed dinghy with a trapeze, so he has to clamber under the boom on each tack, hoist himself out by trapeze, hold the tiller extension, and handle the sheet and other miscellaneous strings.

It must be an exciting but challenging form of racing, demanding strength and agility. Good for physical exercise, but difficult to be a top racer unless you are an athlete with ideal weight for the class.

Fortunately he has discovered like us that there is a less physically demanding form of racing, where the only exercise is to the thumbs, the eyes, a gentle walk along the bank; the major factor being the mind, maintaining concentration on the whole sailing environment, including actions of competitors, with applied knowledge of racing tactics, as any form of sailing.

It will be seen from the results that in the first race Nick misjudged his rounding of the mark on the other side of the pond, was held back and had to round late, letting Odd and Leslie past him to finish first and second. Otherwise he scored 9 wins out of the 12 races, with 1 second and 2 third places.

His results in the prevailing conditions can’t just be attributed to the MX14, with the Britpop one of the new relatively narrow midship beamed designs.

Odd was sailing the identical boat and scored 2 wins 5 second, and 3 third places.

Leslie did well with a less new design, scoring 5 second and 6 second places. He might have won a race when he was clear ahead on the final sausage, but let Nick come up to windward and pass him on the reach, rather than shifting to windward to keep him on his stern.

Scoring these 3 skippers on the low point system, scoring 4 (for 4th place or lower) when they did not finish in the first 3 places, Nick was first with 17 points, Odd a long way behind at 29 points, and Leslie not far behind Odd at 32 points.

Jim scored a first and and third place, with a boat he had built and fitted out as a recent Mark Dicks variant on the Gadget design.

Ted started racing with the same self-build of this design, but had control difficulties, bringing out his old Chris Dicks (Mark Dicks late father) design wooden boat that did very well, it hadn’t been sailed for a long while and had rig problems with the port spreader repeatedly dropping out. If he had sorted out and set up this boat before the race, he could well have been up with the leaders in the conditions of that day.

Tribute should be paid to the skills of those members who have built, fitted out, and in some cases made their own sails, producing very competitive boats.

Race 1: Odd, Leslie, Nick
Race 2: Nick, Odd, Leslie
Race 3: Nick, Odd, Leslie
Race 4: Jim, Leslie, Nick
Race 5: Nick, Odd, Jim
Race 6: Nick, Leslie, Odd
Race 7: Nick, Ted, Leslie
Race 8: Nick, Odd, Leslie
Race 9: Odd, Nick, Leslie
Race 10: Nick, Odd, Leslie
Race 11: Nick, Leslie, Odd
Race 12: Nick, Leslie, Odd


It is a pity that Nick lives in Bristol, he would have made a great new Club member and given some exciting racing for our current membership. Leaving Nick out of the results it seems that Odd, Leslie and Jim are great competitors, and that it is still the skill of the skipper rather than the boat they sail that is the deciding factor in winning.



6 metre race 29 feb

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conditions 3 to 4 gusts of 5

four members present john richard lesley jim

sailed this sunday because of past two cancellations due to wind

race 1 leslie.jim.john

2 leslie.john.jim

3 leslie.jim.john

4 jim.leslie.john

5 leslie.john.jim

6 leslie.john.jim

7 leslie.jim.john

8 jim.john.leslie .won by fluke of wind all tree boats approached first bouy sudden gust broached other two boats sending  them the wrong way round the mark .thanks neptune


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