6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 17th february.

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Sailing on the 17th was a great improvement over that “enjoyed” on the 3rd. The weather was sunny and mild, with a Southeast wind veering South force 2-3. As the wind was coming over buildings and trees, it was light on the South side of the pond, but also fitful on the West side from gusts which found a wandering oath through the obstacles. Five members seemed to have enjoyed themselves and a fair number of races were run with the results as follows-;
Race 1. Chris, Leslie, John
Race 2. Leslie, John, Grant
Race 3. Jim, Chris, Grant
Race 4. Jim, Chris, Grant
Race 5. Leslie, Grant, Chris
Race 6. Jim, Leslie, John
Race 7. Jim, John, Grant
Race 8. Jim, Chris, Leslie
Jim seems to have had a good day, and Chris is appearing more frequently on the score sheet.
The weather is getting better, although as I write this we are having a few flakes of snow coming down, but my fingers are itching to twiddle the sticks again and so I hope to be with you soon. Derek.

1 Metre racing at Clapham on the 3rd February.

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The weather was much too cold for me to venture out but a few hardy sailors did get to the pond and Hugh has updated me on what went on.
Conditions sounded pretty boisterous, cold and with a south west wind force 3 to 4 with stronger gusts, the water level was high with waves driving over the edge of the pond at the leeward end. No-one seemed in a hurry to get on the water but eventually a small fleet of four braved the elements. Conditions were such that Jim settled for middle rig, the others went for the top suit, whether from choice or because they had no other I do not know. Ted,s boat got laid over and there were fears that the keel had dropped off, but happily it righted itself and sailed on.
A short sausage course was set, with two laps to finish. I am told there was a break between races to allow bailing duties to be carried out. Sounds quite hairy, but racing did continue, at least for a time untill one sailor did a runner for the warmth of the Clubhouse, quickly followed by the other three. Hugh comments “An enjoyable racing session, but not to be prolonged”.
In all five races were run with the following results-,
Race 1. Leslie, Jim, John
Race 2. Ted, John, Jim
Race 3. Leslie, Jim, Ted
Race 4. Jim, John, Leslie
Race 5. Leslie, Jim, Ted
Well done chaps. I look forward to the warmer weather so that I may join you again. Derek.

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