Vintage Group day at Clapham on the 22nd August.

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As mentioned in the last “blog” the Vintage Group were to have sailed at Poole on Sunday but due to a weed problem at that venue we were asked if we could host the event at Clapham, this we were pleased to do. Happily there were no buses on diversion parked in Rookery Road and so no parking problems.
The day was overcast with light winds. About 6/8 Vintage members turned up, amoung them was Dave Bell, a former CMYC member who moved closer to home to sail at the Rick Pond. It was good to see him again and his very nicely restored vane marblehead.
The meeting was scheduled to be for vane racing of Marbleheads or any other type of vane boat so I took along my own, only just completed, 36 inch for a tryout. The meeting started leisurely but eventualy two Marbleheads took to the water to be followed by Jim and his 36 vane boat and Ted and I with my new 36 on its maiden voyage. There really is a fascination in vane racing, although it is something of a “black art” in the setting up, but to see one,s boat setting off from the bank and proceeding more or less down the length of the lake on its own is very satisfying. We do have a small fleet of 36,s in the Club and it would great to see them on the water again. I know that Jim is keen as is Ted. Alan has recently rigged one and now I have joined the fleet. Hugh has expressed an interest although he does not have a boat yet. We do have scheduled races for the 6M,s and 1M,s on the first and third Sundays in the month to which we have recently added the SOLING,s on the second. What about adding vane sailing on the fourth Sunday? Let me know your views.
The day day turned out to be very entertaining with 8 of our own members joining the Vintage Group members, those not sailing vane boats were sailing a variety of other classes. It was all great fun.
The Vintage Group enjoyed the day and expressed their thanks for hosting their meeting at such short notice.
For your diary make a note that the next Vintage Group meeting at Clapham is on the 24th October. Perhaps we get get our own vane boats out again and join them. Derek.

6M sailing at clapham on the 15th August/Vintage Group.

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A varied “blog” this week with several items of interest.
Firstly the racing on Sunday. Six of us turned up to race the 6M,s in what started out as a dull day but what developed mid mornimg into quite a pleasant day with some sunshine. The wind was brisk at times but with lulls in between, which proved frustrating at times when the boat that was leading comforably became becalmed and was overtaken by the fleet before the wind picked up again. This happened in several races during the day and caused gloom to the overtaken and cheers and laughter to the overtakers. Good fun all round.
Although there were six of us, Ted had arrived late and had forgotten his batteries or something and so only five boats were on the water. Ted did take over Derek,s boat halfway through the meeting when Derek got involved in Club matters, so everyone had a race and the results were varied as can be seen from the following.
Race 1. Derek, Jim, John t
Race 2. John t, Derek, Grant
Race 3. Jim, Derek, John
Race 4. Derek, Jim John
Race 5. John, Jim, Derek
Race 6. Grant, Jim, Ted
Race 7. Ted, John, Jim
race 8. John, Gtant, Ted
We have had a stroke of luck in that I was able to meet the new Common Supervisor, Victor Chen-Kit. We had a long chat and he proved to be a very helpfull chap. One of the things he said he would put in hand was the repair of the cracks in the pond wall.
After the meeting I went to see Douglas Dunn, a one time member of the Club who suffered a stroke and is now in a care home quite near to to our pond. He was in bed in his room and looked a bit thinner than when I last saw him a few months ago. It is very difficult to converse with him as he cannot speak, or rather he cannot string his words together and get them out. I took him a few goddies and we had a few laughs together so he does seem in reasonable spirits, but communication is very difficult. If any other member would like to visit him I am sure he would appreciate it. There is no need to stay very long, I was only there about 15/20 minutes as it is so difficult to find things to say and it is a bit of a one sided conversation.
I had a phone call from the Vintage Club during the week saying that their meeting on Sunday the 22nd August had been cancelled due to weed on the pond where they were due to sail, and could we host their meeting at Clapham on that day. I said we would be pleased to have them at our pond as the date did not clash with our scheduled dates. They hope to sail vane Marbleheads and other vintage yachts so it will be a good opportunity for us to get our own vane boats out for an airing, so come along and support them.
There may be a problem with parking in Rookery Road if the buses are parked there, but our new friend Victor has come to our rescue and said he will allow us to park alongside the basketball court next to the Clubhouse. Acces will be through the iron gates a few yards past the “poled” entrance gate. Hopefully Victor may be there to help us organise things.
If the weather is reasonable it should be a good day with a varied collection of boats on show. I hope to see you there. Derek.

Sailing at Claphasm on the 1st August.

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A fine bright day at Clapham with a good breeze.
We were scheduled to race the 1M,s but the water was low due to lack of rain and so the choice was between the 6M,s and the SOLING,s. As all of us had a 6M and two did not have a SOLING, I took the decision that we would race the 6M,s. Just as well, as I had brought a 1M but because of the parking restrictions in Rookery Road due to the railway replacement bus service parking there, I had to park a little way away and I did not want to carry the boat and all it,s gear across the Common. We started reasonably early and managed seven races before lunch and three after, more than our usual number. Results are as follows.
Race 1. Hugh, Jim, Derek
Race 2. Hugh, Derek, John
Race 3. Hugh, Derek, Jim
Race 4. Hugh, Jim, John
race 5. Jim, Derek, Alan
race 6. Jim, Grant, John
Race 7. Derek, Ted, John
Race 8. Derek, John, Ted
Race 9. Grant, John, Ted
Race 10. Ted, Derek, John
For those members who want to race the SOLING,s, remember that the second Sunday in the month has been designated a SOLING day and so I would expect a good fleet on the water on the 8th August. I might see you there. Derek.

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