6M sailing at Clapham on the 18th March.

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Bright sunny day at Clapham first thing but some cloud later in the afternoon, but no rain.
A fairly low turnout on what turned out to be a good day,s sailing. The breeze varied from light to brisk in gusts. Racing started late as usual, but once under way continued without a break untill we finished about 1.30. Results were as follows-,
Race 1. Hugh, Derek, Grant
Race 2. John Hugh, Derek
Race 3. Derek, Hugh, John
Race 4. Hugh, Grant, Derek
Race 5. Hugh, Derek, grant
Race 6. Grant Hugh. Derek
Race 7. Hugh, John, Grant
Race 8. Derek, Hugh, Grant
Race 9. Derek, Hugh, Grant
As can be seen we got a good number of races in and everyone had at least one win. Results would have been a little different had it not been for an underwater obstruction at the first mark. On the first lap boats rounded the mark and headed for the wing mark on the other side of the pond without a problem, but on the finishing “sausage”, after rounding the mark boats turned back on themselves to run to the finish and could find themselves stuck on the obstruction and see the rest of the fleet catch up and pass them. I know it happened to Hugh and I when we had got a good lead and it may have caught others, but that is one of the hazzards of sailing on the Long Pond.
John did well, sailing a boat he had not sailed before and which he had to repair and rig before he could get on the water.
We had the pleasure of seeing Alan at the pond. He say,s his sailing days are over as his eyesight has deteriorated. I think he is thinking of selling his boats so there could be two or three available if anyone is interested.
All in all it was a good day,s sailing if a little short on numbers. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 11th March.

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Fine day weatherwise, sun but not much wind. It had been proposed as a Soling day but was also a Vintage Club meet so we did not do any racing as such but enjoyed watching a variety of boats on the water.
One welcome visitor was a Vintage Club member who had brought along a 10R yacht last seen on the pond around 1938. It was a boat named “Molly”, owned and skippered by Norman Hatfield, a Clapham member. If you look on the CMYC web site under “About us” you will find photo,s of the boat and Norman taken in 1938. “Molly” is wearing the number 655. I had a chat with the owner who told me he had found the boat in a junk shop in Belgium and had spent the last couple of years restoring it. It looked beautifull on the water and is still wearing the same name and number. It is a Braine steered boat, built around 1936/7 and we had the pleasure of seeing it sailing on the pond.
Another welcome sight on the pond was the “Winston S Churchill”. This is a sailing model of the training ship built after the war and still in use I believe. The model was built by Clapham member Jack Sanday and is a huge four masted schooner, well over four feet long, weighing 40/50 pounds and requiring a crew of two to get it into the water. It is sailed under radio control and is an impressive sight on the water. We saw it catch a couple of gusts and it was VERY fast, I doubt whether any 1M or 6M could have stayed with it. A great sight on the water and a tribute to Jack,s building skills. It is now owned by his friend and fellow Club member, Phil.
The Solings continue to be great fun and show that tactics and tuning, or more likely, tuning and tactics, play a great part in whether a skipper comes first or last in the fleet.
John D,s Arian Brewer designed 6M is coming on well and should be on the water in a month or two,s time and I hear that another 6M to the same design is planned to be built. At this rate we shall have as many 6M,s in the Club as we do 1M,s and Solings. To see a fleet of 7/8 sixes sailing in comp[etion will be a stirring sight.
It turned out a great day at the pond with quite a crowd at the pondside and the sight of some great boats on the water.
Next meeting is on the 18th March for 6M,s and I hope to see you all there. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 4th March.

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Report courtesy of Hugh.
Sunday 4 March 2012 One Metre Day.
Weather; Cloudy, light rain at times; Wind south-south west force 2-3 with occasional larger gusts.
Boats raced; Hugh & Leslie-Gadget, Chris-Boxkite, John-his pink boat, design unlnown, Grant-Mandarin, Ted-his old Chris Dicks designed boat.
Race 1. Hugh, Chris, Leslie
Race 2. Leslie, Hugh, John
Race 3. Ted, Grant, Leslie
Race.4. Hugh, Ted, Chris
Race 5. Ted, Hugh, Grant
All boats sailed with top rig, at times it was a struggle with the weather to tack and maintain control, boats were putting bows under off the wind. We enjoyed our racing but 5 races were enough in the generally wet conditions

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