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18 August 2019 – 3 Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day


Warm, cloudy, wind generally south-westerly force 2-4.

Although this day should be 6 metre, we chose to race solings, because more solings were available for racing.

Those racing from time to time were Hugh, Leslie, Jim and John.

Wind on the pond was mainly south-westerly with some shifting and changes in wind strength. Seven races were completed..


Race 1: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Race 2: Leslie, Hugh

Race 3: Leslie, John, Hugh

Race 4: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 5: Leslie, John, Hugh

Race 6: Jim, Leslie, John

Race 7: Jim, Leslie, John

See you next One Metre Day 1 September, (probably Soling because of low water level), Hugh


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Sunday 4 August 2019 – One Metre Day


Warm, cloudy, wind south easterly to southerly force 2 to 3.

Those racing were: Jim, Grant and Hugh. We decided to race Solings. Wind on the pond was light and unpredictable with near calms in places. We decided to hold a few races.


Race 1: Hugh, Grant, Jim

Race 2: Jim, Grant, Hugh

Race 3: Hugh, Jim

Race 4: Jim, Hugh

Next event is the Six Metre Race on Sunday 18 August, see you then, Hugh

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