6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 18th May.

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Quite a fine day after the previous few days which had been dull and rainy. Some sunshine today with a variable wind which sometimes fell very light and then suddenly blew a sqall. The “faithfull four ” had to do without Ted who was out mini-motoring, but fortunately we were joined by our newest member, John, who was sailing his new boat, a SEISMIC that he had bought from Alan. I was a bit more organised this week and kept a proper record of who won each race. I regret that as I was not always at the finish line I could not record the second and subsequent places. We made the most of the wind and got 10 races in, 6 in the morning and 4 after lunch. The winners of the races in order were Jim, Jim, Derek, Alan, Jim and John who recorded his first win with his new 6 Metre. We broke for lunch at 1pm and resumed later with a further 4 races which were won by Derek in the seventh and a finish to close to call between Jim and Derek in the eigth, it was agreed to call it a dead heat. Jim then packed up to go home (overcome by the excitement I expect) and the last two races were won by Derek, which might have been as a result of using a new suit of lightweight sails he had made during the week. An enjoyable day where everone had at least one win, with John appearing very happy with his new boat.  The next scheduled race is for 1Metres on the 1st of June. Derek.


Sailing at Clapham on the 4th May

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A bit of a disapointing day. The usual few turned up to be joined by Hugh. A fine day with hazy sunshine, warm but little wind and what there was of it was very flukey. All of us had at least one win but the best sailors were Jim, Ted and Hugh. We did not get a great many races in because they were taking so long to complete in some cases. Frustration set in a bit so we broke for lunch early at 1pm and there seemed little enthusiasm to contiue afterward as the wind if anything seemed even lighter. Derek was tired and left early about 2pm and the others showed signs of leaving. For such a lovely day it was a shame that the wind was not kinder to us. Let us hope that the 6M racing on the 18th May will more exciting, perhaps with a few more boats on the water. Derek. 

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