Sunday 20 May – 6 Metre Day

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20 May 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – 6 Metre Day

Warm and sunny. Wind easterly up to force 2.

On the pond the wind was fluky and frequently divided into contrary streams across the pond.

Those racing were Grant and Hugh. Other people were on holiday.
The environment was very pleasant, we had taken out chairs and much of the time was spent relaxing.

We held four races, they were closely contested. The save to time, the last race was supposed to be a quick sausage, up to the western mark and back to the start. Unfortunately Hugh, who had been ahead, set out by habit to sail a triangle, so that Grant won the last race.

Race 1: Grant, Hugh
Race 2: Hugh, Grant
Race 3: Grant, Hugh
Race 4: Grant, Hugh

Next race is One Metre Day on 3 June, see you then, Hugh

8 May 2018 – One Metre Day

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8 May 2018 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day

Very warm, sunny, wind east to east south-east force 2 to 3.

Wind on the pond was light and variable, needing constant monitoring to keep ahead. In the calm patches it was difficult to make any progress, and chance played a part in who got the wind at any time.

Those who took part in the racing from time to time included: Lesley, Grant, Hugh, Jim and Ted. Hugh lent Ted his boat for the last five races.

Race 1: Grant, Hugh, Leslie
Race 2: Jim, Hugh, Leslie
Race 3: Hugh, Leslie, Grant
Race 4: Jim, Leslie, Grant
Race 5: Leslie, Jim, Hugh
Race 6: Jim, Leslie, Hugh
Race 7: Hugh, Grant, Leslie
Race 8: Jim, Leslie, Ted
Race 9: Ted, Jim, Leslie
Race 10: Jim, Ted
Race 11; Ted, Leslie
Race 12: Ted, Leslie

Next Six Metre race Sunday 20 May, see you then, Hugh

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