6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 19th June.

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I did atend the meeting at Clapham on the 19th but did not stay long, the weather was dull and chilly with a brisk wind and I did not feel like racing so joined Alan in the warmth and comfort of Grant,s car as a spectator for a time. I heard someone mention two old codgers idling about. For this reason I have had to rely on Hugh once again for a report to add to the Club blog as follows.
“Here are the results of the 6Metre race on Sunday 19th June.
Southwest wind force 2 with occasional larger gusts. Cloudy with slight showers later in the afternoon.
Race 1. Leslie, Ted, Grant
Race 2. Ted, Grant, John
Race 3. Grant, John, Leslie
Race 4. Grant, John, Leslie
Race 5. Ted , Hugh, John
Race 6. Hugh, Ted, John
Race 7. Leslie, Ted, John”
It will be clear from the above results that there seems to be an increasingly wide range of winners and high placements, those who might rarely of won now appearing regularly in the top places. It is good to see and gives encouragement to all that practice brings success.

It will be clear from the above notes and my increasingly erratic attendances that I am finding the journey to Clapham becoming more tedious as age has an increasing effect, so much so that I intend to resign my posts as Chairman and Treasurer at the next AGM in November. Many of you will know that I have been trying to do this for the past few years but have been prevailed upon to continue, but now I think is the time to go and give a fresh face a chance at directing the future of the Club.
I give this early advance notice of my intention so that members can give thought to who might succeed me and allow that personn, or persons, a chance to work in tandem with me for the remaining few months to achieve a seemless transition at the AGM.
Should any member wish to talk to me about what is involved in carrying out the duties of the two posts please do so. Derek.

1 Metre Sailing at Clapham on the 5th June.

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Once more I am indebted to Hugh for the report.
Cloudy with NE wind about 10 mph with occasional stronger gusts. Course was set in the normal manner. The beating legs were tricky as wind was tending to swing round unpredictably with some knife edge finishes changed at the last moment when a boat caught a gust while another was stuck in a local lull.
Water was getting shallow with quite a few groundings. The results as follows-.
Race 1. Leslie, Grant, John
Race 2. Leslie, Grant, John
Race 3. Grant, John, David
Race 4. Grant, Leslie, John
Race 5. Grant, John, Leslie

Hugh only sailed in the fifth race but went agroung near the start. Leslie gallantly sacrificed his position to drag the boat off with a pole, but then the electrics went dead so Hugh did not finish and was content to watch the others racing for the rest of the day.
David was a visitor interested in sailing with us, he had come along with a Micro Magic but was lent a 1M.
Grant did well with Alan,s boat Mandarin (which had been my own boat some years ago)it was one of the early narrow hull boats and went quite well. There was also aMallard floating around. Both these latter boats were designed by Tony Abel, although I had not heard that either of them made much of an impact on the racing scene.
We were expecting great things from Ted, sailing his new Mark Dicks boat but I gather he had problems installing the winch.
Last , but by no means least, we had a visit from Alan, who was taking the air after his stroKe. Take it easy Alan, it is good to see you up and about again. Hope to see you all on the 19th June, BUT MEANTIME MAKE A NOTE THAT THERE IS A VINTAGE CLUB MEETING NEXT SUNDAY, THE 12TH JUNE. GO ALONG AND SUPPORT THEM. Derek.

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