6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 16th October.

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Fine sunny morning with light winds. Not too many of us turned up but we did get a lot of racing in. Mark had not brouight a 6M with him but was offered one of Grant,s boats to sail, I am not sure whether it was a SIESMIC or a RENAISSANCE, but after a bit of tweaking by Mark it sailed very well as can be seen from the results. After starting fairly late we sailed continuously till lunch at 1.30 and got in more sailing after lunch, getting in an impressive 13 races in all.
I was concerned that there was not a great deal of help offered in clearing up after racing finished. Grant left early, but he had put the buoys out in order to get the racing under way, and I was left to rely on Fred to take the starter box in and to collect all the buoys. Not good enough.
The results were as follows-
Race 1. Mark, Hugh, Leslie
Race 2. Mark, Leslie, Derek
Race 3. Hugh,Leslie, Mark
Race 4. Hugh, Mark, Grant
Race 5. Mark, Leslie, Derek
Race 6. Mark, Derek, Leslie
Race 7. Mark, Leslie, Derek
Race 8. Mark, Grant, Leslie
Race 9. Mark, Leslie, Grant
Race 10. Mark, Hugh, Grant
Race 11. Hugh, Mark, Derek
Race 12. Mark, Derek, Fred
Race 13. Mark, Leslie, Derek

I think this set of results clearly shows that in the argument against so called “cheque book” sailing, it is not so much the boat as the skipper sailing her which brings success. I do hope that those in the Club who have chosen not to sail on some occasions will reconsider their view.
I feel I am always moaning these days, sorry about that, put it down to old age. Derek.

Racing at Clapham on the 2nd of October.

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Racing on Sunday was for 1 M,s and produced some good close results. The weather was almost the last of the Indian Summer and was very sunny and hot, but fortunately with quite a nice breeze.
We had the pleasure of having Mark Dicks with us, and more so as he had brought a new venture with him, an RG65, a sort of half size one metre. As I understood from Mark this has been a popular racing design for many years in South America and is only recently making an appearence in this country. The boat produced by Mark is his own design to this formula and as I said above it looks like a half size one metre, but with a fin almost the same size. It sailed very well and was very quick as can be seen from Hugh,s racing report.
I was at the meeting but left early and so once again I must thank Hugh for the results , which are as follows-

Race 1. John, Derek, Leslie
Race 2. Leslie, Grant Chris
Race 3. Derek, Chris, Grant
Race 4. Hugh, Leslie, Grant
Race 5. Leslie, Derek, Grant
Race 6. Grant, Leslie, Chris
Race 7. Leslie, Chris, Grant
Race 8. Grant, John, Leslie
Race 9. John, Chris, Fred (it,s that man again)
Race 10. Leslie, John, Chris
Mark was also racing his RG65 design, which in spite of being considerably shorter than the One Metre, was first over the line many times.”
I look forward to seeing you all on the 16th October. Derek.

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