Six Mertre racing at Clapham.

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21 August 2016 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Cloudy, warm, wind South West force 4 to 5.


Those racing from time to time included: Grant, Hugh, Jim, Ted and John


The water was low, but enough for sailing the Sixes. The wind was deflected on the pond by the extensive hoardings that had been put up beyond the clubhouse.



Race 1: Grant, Hugh

Race 2: Hugh, Ted, Jim

Race 3: Grant, Jim, Hugh

Race 4: Grant, Hugh, John

Race 5: Hugh, John, Grand

Race 6: Grant, Jim, John

Race 7: Grant, Hugh, John

Race 8: Grant, Jim, Hugh

Race 9: Grant, Ted, Jim



1 metre race

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sunday 7th august

we had two visitors from the round pond .charles legg and chris leal .charles called me on saturday  to say that the round pond has weed problems and asked if they could sail at clapham .all other clubs are welcome to sail at clapham .indeed when we had problems we were welcomed to sail at hampton if any other clubs are suffering problems call me jim robinson sec.                         both visitors asked about membership so they must have enjoyed sailing at clapham indeed we are welcome to sail  at kensington as they have started to sail 1 metres as well as 10 raters.                      six of us raced being the holiday season some members were away                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            race 1  jim,charles,john

race 2 charles,jim.john

race 3 jim,richard,grant

race4 jim,grant,chris

we are fortunately  one of the few clubs who do not suffer weed problems indeed many club have no racing for most of the summer


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