Sailing at Clapham on the 21st June.

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21 June 2015 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Warm, cloudy. Wind westerly force 2 to 4. Those racing from time to time included: Grant, Hugh, Jim, John, Ted and Richard.



Race 1: Hugh, Grant

Race 2: Hugh, Grant

Race 3:Grant, Hugh

Race 4: Hugh, Jim, Grant

Race 5: Hugh, Jim, John

Race 6: Hugh, Jim, Ted

Race 7: Ted, John, Grant

Race 8: John, Jim, Ted

Race 9: John, Ted, Richard

Race 10: Ted, John, Jim

Race 11: Jim, Richard, Ted




Sailing at Clapham on the 7th June.

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First Sunday of the Month – 7 June 2015


Normally One Metre day, but due to low water level it was decided to race Soling Class.



Sunny, warm, wind northerly to north-westerly force 1 -3.


The day started with Odd trying to sail his one metre, in company with potential new member Ed, who lives in Greenwich, sailing his Widget version. It was found to be impractical to race these boats without constant grounding, so it was ultimately decided to race Solings.


It took a certain amount of time to get a fleet of Solings set up with radio gear, but in the end six boats were racing, with some taking turns to use the same boat.


As well as new sailor Ed; Bruce, a visiting Australian racer of A class, and one metre yachts, joined in for one or two races.


The winds were light and fluky, having to find their way over the club house, so that almost every leg had variations of wind direction, with frequent reversals of direction along the length of the pond.


Hugh lent Ed his Soling (Mark Dicks old boat), Ed’s results improving over the time he was racing.


Those racing Solings from time to time included: Odd, Grant, Hugh, Ed, Jim, John, Ted, Richard and Bruce.



Race 1: Jim, John, Ed

Race 2: Jim, John, Ed

Race 3: John, Odd, Grant

Race 4: Odd, Jim, John

Race 5: John, Ted, Jim

Race 6: Grant, Hugh

Race 7: Grant Ed

Race 8: Ed, Grant, Odd

Race 9: Jim, Bruce, Ed

Race 10: John, Jim, Richard

Race 11:Odd, Ed, John

Race 12:Jim, Bruce, Ed



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