6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 16th February.

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Clouds and sun – Wind SSW force 2-3


Richard sailed his One Metre, there was also a member of the public who sailed a Dragon Force.



Race 1: Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Grant, Leslie

Race 3:  Grant, Leslie

Race 4: Jim, Grant, John

Race 5: Jim, Grant, John

Race 6: Grant, Jim, John

Race 7: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 8: Jim, Leslie, John

Race 9: Jim, Leslie, John

Race 10: Jim, Grant




One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 2nd February.

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Sunny – Fresh WSW-SW wind force 2-4. Choppy waves, in gusts boats were getting wet, eventually many retired due to gear failures. Ted sank stern first near the leeward buoy, but since he was near the clubhouse, was rescued with pole to race another day.


Race 1:  Leslie, Odd, Grant

Race 2: Odd, Ted, John

Race 3: Leslie, Odd,  Jim

Race 4: Hugh, Odd, John

Race 5: Odd, Ted, Leslie

Race 6: Odd, Leslie, Ted

Race 7: Ted, John, Odd

Race 8: Leslie, Odd, John

Race 9: Leslie, Odd, Ted

Race 10: Leslie, Odd, John

Race 11: Odd, Leslie, John

Race 12: Hugh, Jim, Odd

I was surprised to see Hugh,s report as the weather at my home was very nice, bright sunshine and only a mild breeze. Poor Ted, I hope he was able to hang his boat out to dry!  Odd still seems to be making a name for himself with his, I believe, Nimbus design.  Has design come all that far?, even the old COMICK can still put up a good performance  in the right conditions.

I personally am making progress. I am going back to the Hospital on the 10th of February for a check up and to see whether another small operation may be of help, so it will be another few months before I can get back to the pond.


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