6M sailing at Clapham on the 18th July.

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Members took a little time to turn up so although a lot of sailing went on, we did not start racing untill nearly noon. The weather started cloudy but continued to improve as the morning went on and by midday the sun was out. There was a brisk wind and the sixes were hard pressed at times and were almost at their limit in top suit, but it did make for some spirited racing. As we did not start racing till nearly noon we did not get many races in but we all enjoyed it.
Results were as follows, with Jim again being the one to beat.
Race 1. Jim, Derek, John T
Race 2. Jim, Derek, Ted
Race 3. Jim, Ted, Derek
Race 4. Jim, Grant, Derek
Race 5. Jim, Derek, Grant
Race 6. Jim, Derek, Allan
A good day,s racing.

I was a little disappointed to hear that after laying on a SOLING day on the 11th not many members turned up, not even the member who had asked specifically for it. Never mind, the SOLING day is now a fixture on the second Sunday in the month and we can only hope that members get used to it and that numbers increase in future. Derek.

Sailing and SOLINGS on the 4th July.

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It was a 1M day at Clapham with nine of us there. A fine day but with a strong gusty wind. Boats started out with top suits but were hard pressed by the strength of the wind, making it difficult to sail a course. Some skippers changed down to a second suit which made the boat easier to control and just as fast in the gusts, the penalty being that they lost ground when the wind dropped. There was plenty of sailing going on but seemingly little inclination to start racing. Eventualy a race did start, although I believe it was the only one, and that was full of incident with the boats having a hard time. Hugh was unlucky again in that the lead of his boat gave way under the stress and was lost in the pond, happily the boat drifted to the bank and appeared otherwise undamaged.
Not a very successful day,s racing. Hopefully the next scheduled race date on the 18th July for 6M,s will be a better day.
I was approached by one of our members asking when we would have a SOLING race. This query has come up fairly often and has always been answered by saying that members can sail them whenever they wish other than on the 1M/6M days on the first and third Sundays respectively. Because there are so many SOLING,S in the Club fleet perhaps now is the time to make an “official” SOLING race day, and to this end I suggest that it should be the second Sunday in the month. The first such day will be on the 11th July and on each second Sunday in subsequent months. At a quick count I think there are about 10 SOLING,s in the Club and if they all get on the water at the same time it will be quite a sight. I do hope that this extension to the calender will please members and will add to the attraction of the Club. We will see how the new dates pan out and change or amend them as members wish. That is all for now. Derek.

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