2006 AGM

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Unexpected visitors join the AGM
Eleven members made it to this years AGM, and there was much discussion about the past years sailing and the future of the club. One of the more lively discussions was whether the club should adopt another class because of the low water levels the pond has experienced year due to the drought and hosepipe ban London has suffered. How ironic it was that the pond should be at it’s highest level all year!


The discussion revolved around finding a class of yacht which can sailed in shallower waters during the summer months. Although no decision was reached there were plenty ideas forthcoming from members. A great suggestion came from Rob who brought two Bottle Boats to the meeting. These simple, but well designed yachts provided much enjoyment on the pond and they coped with the gusty conditions extremely well. The bottle boats seem to be the perfect solution, an inexpensive one-design that is easy and quick to build, unfortunately the draft of 13 inches is the only downside to these quirky yachts. Graham’s suggestion of the Soling met with some enthusium, but the bottle boat’s price met with more appeal. So it seems the search for a shallow water yacht continues…

5th Nov – IOM

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A beautiful sunny day at the pond with a good breeze, we had 5 boats sailing. In the absence of Graham on holiday the rest of us had a chance of winning and we all grasped the opportunity. Racing was late starting but when it did Ted won the first race with Jack second. Jack then went on to win the next three races with Derek coming second in the second race and who then went on to win the fifth race in spite of being distracted by Hugh, who was second at the time,  concentrating so hard on his boat that he walked off the edge of the footpath and fell in the pond. Poor Hugh was soaked from head to foot but, after wringing out what water he could from his clothes, he stayed at the pond. A hardy fellow in- deed. We broke for lunch about 1pm. Jim turned up soon after, having suffered a disastrous puncture on his way to the pond and then having to go back home for a new tyre. No further racing took place as Jack had gone home, Hugh had a soaked radio and Jim had no transmitter. It was a short meeting in terms of racing, but the racing that we did have was exciting with some very close finishes and was eventful in other respects. The next race will be on the 19th November for 6M, the AGM has been postponed till a week  a week later on the 26th November. The Chairman will be reminding everone by letter in the very near future.

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